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MorEnergy/EcoEnergy/Enbridgehot water tank/york furnace

Misled by MorEnergy and Eo Energy salesmen

I moved in a 60 year old detached bungalow in Scarborough on June 24, 2011. One week later I a salesman name Siddique from MorEnergy showed up at my door and ask me whether I owned or rented the hot water heater. I told him that I was not sure so he came in to check for himself and then told me that the tank was a rental from Reliance. He said that MorEnergy will remove the tank on behalf of Reliance and install a new high efficiency, energy savings hot water tank for a low cost of only $23.99 per month which would save me hundreds of dollars in the long run. He told me that MorEnergy is an agent of Enbridge Gas and that the tank rental cost will be charged on my gas bill through Direct Energy. He then looked at the furnace and said that it was 20 years old and needed to be replaced by a high efficiency energy furnace. He said that he can arrange for excellent deal for a new York High Efficiency Furnace which will be installed at the same time as the hot water tank. On July 2/11 two guys from Eco Energy came and installed the furnace and hot water tank.

After the installation hot water tank made a lot of noise every time you turn any tap on in the house and came on all hours of the night even when no tap was in use. The new furnace made the same noise when turned on and ran continuously even though the thermostat was set at a certain temperature. I called the salesman from MorEnergy to complain about the noise on both equipment and the furnace not shutting off. The next day the technician from Eco Energy showed up checked both equipment and told me that the noise coming from the motor on the hot water tank and the furnace was normal and that I should get used to it. After three week of sleepless nights and complaints from my neighbour about the noise I decided to have the hot water tank replaced with one that I purchased from Home Depot. My new hot water tank was vented through the chimney and noise has gone away but I’m still stuck with the noise from the furnace.

When I called the MorEnergy’s office to ask them to pick up their tank I was told that they don’t take back the rented tanks. I was given the option of either purchasing it for $2, 000.00 or pay a penalty she did not say how much. I told her that the salesman misled me into believing that I could return the rented tank anytime during the term. She was very rude to me and said that I should have read the agreement it is not the salesman responsibility to tell me. On August 18/11 I called Eco Energy to find out where I should drop off the hot water tank. The Manager told me that Eco Energy is the authorized dealer for MorEnergy and they cannot take back the tank because they operated out of a small office and does not warehouse space. I told him that I was misled by his salesman who never told me that I rented the tank for life according to the agreement which was very difficult to read. He said that he will check into it and call me back.

Today is September 30/11 and I have not heard from anyone. The hot water tank is in my garage waiting to be picked up and the furnace which I paid $3, 825 for is still making a lot of noise and still runs continuously. I had the new furnace inspected by an HVAC company and found out that Eco Energy only replaced parts of the old furnace, put a “York” label on the outside and charged me for a brand new furnace. My recent enbridge bill has over three months charges for hot water tank rental and they siad that they cannot do anything to stop the billing. This is called cheating and scamming. If there is anyone out there reading this complaint who can help me please contact me at [protected]. I have been scammed and I hope that someone out there will help me put a stop to this bunch of scammers.



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    trevinasus1 Oct 25, 2011

    you're not the only one out there, please redflagdeals website, there's plenty of reviews about this tricksters!

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  • Ec
    eco energy Aug 05, 2015

    A Salesperson from Eco- Energy came to my door step trying to scam me. Was trying to sell me a Furnace. Was extremely rude, arrogant, obnoxious and aggressive. Was trying to sell me some $1, 300 Eco rebate to attract me. Was forcing his way inside my hoyse and shouting, yelling at me, when I said NO, not interested. They are all the same, so beware if someone from Eco Energy comes to your doorstep !

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  • Bo
    Bobby Alan Jones May 06, 2016

    Stay away from Eco Energy. They try every trick in the book to get their HVAC people into your home. The people at their call centre in Hamilton, get a bonus for every appointment they make and are threatened with being fired if they don't meet their appointment quota for the day. They will say anything to keep their jobs. HANG UP ON THEM, DON'T WASTE ONE SECOND OF YOUR TIME ON THEM! The call centre will try and tell you they are with Enbridge - this is a lie! They will tell you some bizarre math regarding the money you will be saving - also a lie. By the time you sign their contract you will be paying three times as much. As for their warehouse, it is huge, attached to their call centre in Hamilton - there is lots of room. They know that you will have to pay a penalty for replacing a tank belonging to Reliance or some other company and don't care. I also know that they will send their HVAC reps to your house and they will either lie about the age of your tank or not even bother to tell you a tank that is two years old should be replaced. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS SLAM THE DOOR ON THEIR FACE IF THEY SHOW UP AT YOUR HOUSE. At one point they didn't even bother with water tanks - not enough money in it for them. NEVER DEAL WITH ECO ENERGY!

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