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Experienced racism on the 2nd july 2011 at monte casin0. I was with my gf. I was sw0rn at n told to turn around and go h0me. By 2 white guys that drive around in the black security vans. Registrati0n bf13vg. At around 11 to 11 30pm.

Today is the 7th. N0thng has been done.

I'm guessing monte casino condones their security swearing people / customers and being racist towards them.

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Jul 23, 2018 6:17 am
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I am dismayed at the way the Monte Casino gaming floors have deteriorated in the past few months.
Firstly your machines don't pay at all - one may as well flush one's money down the toilet for the amount of entertainment and gaming offered at present. Many of the machines have problems and buttons don't work - wont accept notes etc etc. Also yesterday on Sunday your cashiers did not even have the old R100 notes available and the machines have not yet been upgraded to accept new notes. Most patrons go to the casino to GAMBLE not to attend draws - i think we would all be much happier if we had a more rewarding gaming experience - we are not expecting to win millions but just to get a run for our money. I strongly suggest management is investigated and also that on the floor surveys take place amongst your patrons - EVERYONE is complaining and as a regular i can see patron attendances are decreased ...


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