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J Jul 24, 2019

They cut the wrong tree in my yard and then wanted to charge me
For it. They tore my yard up and put a hole in my roof. After doing some research they sell to people that have no clue about trees and think a few days of training will get them good to go. If you look them up they have had franchise employees killed on the job because they hire inexperienced people that's how their price is so low. Stay away from them. After some research in my area they destroyed an rv on one job broke windows and driveways on another. I've heard from my cousin in another town from
Another franchise they dumped hydraulic fluid all down the road while driving. Stay away from these people. Their only good quality is they don't hire illegals but they don't pay for quality employees. The ones that showed up at my house looked like that had been on a two week meth bender. There website is they got it right except should be

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