MobilinkI am complaining about a fraud man

Aoa, sir I m receiving call at 11:22 am today 06/10/2019 from 03026589171. The person who speaks is man, he was saying to me that I am from jazz world then ask about jazz cash account, at the same time I received a massage from jazz world app and he ask me again that you give me a 4 digt code you received a massage I don't share that code but he force me again and again my answer was same like first then he give me a threat that if you not share code I block your number. After this I call to 111 and unblock my number but he block my number continuesly. He abused badly. Sir he 3 times done my number [protected] block when I call to any one system says your outgoing calls have been temporary restricted plz take action agaist this number, I m worried about it.

Oct 06, 2019

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