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D Jul 30, 2019

Good day

My name is Dayna Appolis Saaiers and my policy number is [protected] this is not the first time I'm complaining, please read the story below.

Last year the 2 July I submitted a claim for two Tvs that was damaged due to lighting, only one was replaced..the claim process was so intense and the claims officer made me feel like I was lying or hiding information I was asked multiple times if I'm telling the truth and if this really happened. I was actually 9 months pregnant and in pain but didn't even bother your assessor one bit to still integrate me anyway, thank you for the tv we eventually bought another didn't wanna go through that drama again.

22 July 2019 I submitted a claim again process was much easier and simple this time was too good to be true.

This Morning as I step into my office I got an email from your claim profile department stating I am a risk and need to take further steps I then called the number in the email to get clarity on what is happening and the manager seemed so annoyed.

Now my question to you is why do I have insurance if I can't claim if my goods are stolen or damaged?
why does use call if I miss a premium but have issues paying out?
why do you make me feel guilty for claiming or make me feel like a lair when this is my benefit?
I actually don't see the point in having insurance anymore I might as well just save my R400.00 every month so if something does get stolen or damaged I might as well just pay from my savings and not please explain to you also not get crapy emails to say im a risk and if I cancel my insurance I will have difficulties getting another.

Miway insurance sucks I had to stay with first for woman your call center agent make it sound wonderful but my experience with you is horrible.
I would never in a million years recommend you to family friends or co-workers.

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