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Mint Mobile review: Sent me cancelled sim card, wouldn't refund me.

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I purchased a MINT sim card for $68.85 on 03/29/2022. The funds were taken from my bank account on 03/30/2022. When I tried to activate the simcard on 04/29/22 it did not work. I called MINT customer service and they said the order had been cancelled and refunded. I never received a refund. I also never received a confirmation email from MINT. I looked back at the letter that came with my SIM card and see it is addressed to a different customer in a different state. Clearly, our orders were mixed up, and the other customer got my refund. All I want is the money I paid to be refunded because the product sent to me did not work. After one hour on the phone to MINT, they refused to refund me, refused to give me a different number to call, and refused to receive evidence of my payment by email. Essentially, $68.85 was taken from my account for a product that I never received, and they are refusing to refund it. The fact that the wrong name is on the confirmation slip clearly shows a mistake on their end, and I'm shocked that MINT mobile won't refund me, or refer me to anyone else for further support.

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