Miniclipmy chips are disappearing every time I play the game (8 ball pool)

U Dec 12, 2019

Yesterday I went into the Los Vegas Full House and ended up winning and i had a total of 28, 500 chips roughly and i logged in today and my total amount of chips went down to 17, 110. I don't know what is happening but i only played a few games after the Los Vegas Full House with my friend and my total chip count was then from 28, 500 to 21, 000 roughly and I didn't play any other matches after a couple games with my friend yesterday. So I don't know if there's a bug or something that I'm missing about the game but i do know that my chips are getting lower every time i login to play. My username is UFlash13 if you need that to look into it. I appreciate the cooperation.

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