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M Nov 17, 2019 Review updated:

Hi i had a first game in miami for 100 coins when i had played that game it showed that 10, 000 coins had been taken from my coins then i had a second game for 100 coins in miami once i had played that game it took another 10, 000 coins off me which was quite frustrating i have just had another 100 coin game in miami again and it has just taken another 10, 000 coins off me its starting to really get on my nerves can you please resolve this situation please thanks.


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      Nov 28, 2019

    Please can you help as this has happened twice to myself in the last 2 weeks and others that are in our club, but half of our coins have disappeared that we have made for club and it’s getting really frustrating now as we are a very competitive team and work really hard to move up the table as I’m sure a lot of other clubs do! Thank you

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