Miller-Plante Complaints & Reviews

Miller-Plante / Fraud


Miller Plante called my home to sell me an enzyme for my septic system--a new system. I refused. They sent the product anyway. I could not return it. I threw it away, paid the fee (after they threatened to file a credit agency report), and I filed a complaint with the Florida...

Miller-Plante / Bad experience


I dont have a review, these people have called me many of times and when i say hello, they hangup or dont answer. The last time i answered the woman mocked me as I told her not to call my house again repeating it sarcastically back to me twice. They need to leave people alone, if they dont...

Miller-Plante / Fraud and scam

Miller-Plante sent a box of their septic-tank treatment to our house in the summer of 2001. I called and asked them to come pick it up, we didn't want it. The guy tried to make a deal with me, lower the price, and used every stall tactic in the book. I finally filed a formal...