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MileStone - SEO & Website Design

Avoid Milestone Internet Marketing they are a total scam they lie to you about the progress of their services and deceive by sending you fake reports with fake data about keyword positions or traffic cultivated by their services. I worked with this company as an Account Manager and I was told I had to keep clients happy by any means necessary even if it meant distorting data and stalling. I worked in Santa Clara, California and I was completely bewildered by how unethical the business model of this company was it was really shocking. Every day complaints from clients came flooding in and the staff were put to work lying to the clients and sending fake data. Avoid them at all costs because the cost is expensive and often irreparable. This is the website and recommend you never visit and just create your own website on Square Space and learn about SEO on SemRush. Don´t fall for the scam...