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Miles Kimball  -  Wanting me to pay for items I never ordered or received

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On August 3, 2020. I received an invoice in the mail from Miles Kimball (MK) claiming I owed them $55.70 for an online order (which I never placed). I called customer service and explained to her that I never placed an order with them and was not paying the invoice. It didn't even state on the invoice what it was that I supposedly ordered. She said I ordered plant hangers. I explained to her that I never opened an account with them. She got loud and rude with me and said I better pay the invoice. I asked to be transferred to the billing dept. I explained to the nice and patient women about the invoice I received. I explained that it was addressed to a work address which MK is using as my billing address. This kind women searched all over their records and could not find any account with my name on it. It seems that someone must have opened an account using my name but using a company as my billing address. Every month since then I keeping receiving invoices from MK adding $9.99 late fees to the invoices. Now, every 7 days I'm receiving letters requesting immediate payment and will stop with the letters once I send them $66.79.

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