Dear Sir or Madam,
I hope this email goes to you smoothly.
I currently live in Macau and I have used your Miele products for 2 years.
I have made a reservation to Miele HK for 2 items of checking and maintenance in early June 2019, one is washing machine and the other one is a stove. When I made the call, I clearly told your telephone operator that 2 items malfunctions, and confirmed the service fee was 650HKD, However, she did not tell me that 650HKD was per ITEM other than per TIME.
I did not fix the stove and after communicating with the technician who came to have a check, he made a call to manager in charge in Macau, and the manager said that I do not need to pay for the extra 650HKD, and he will inform Miele HK about the situation and this bill, technician asked me to sign and promised that 650HKD(the stove) would not be charged.
However, I received the invoice sent out by Miele HK, and I made the call to inform them of this situation in 19th August, after a few calls, the telephone operator said that he need to report to the supervisor and need to check the call record in 20th August, and I asked him to send call record to my email, yet nothing followed up.
By today, I received the lawyer's letter from Miele HK, and said that if I do not pay for the 650HKD the legal proceedings will be instituted against me for recovery of same plus interest without further notice. The date of the letter was 30th September and I received it by 10th October.
When I received the letter, I called again to Miele HK, and tell them the situation however, the telephone operator told me she need to further check and she need to find the related documents, what's worse, she said that she did not find the record of my previous request for investigation of 650HKD.
I AM VERY DISPOINTED OF WHAT MIELE HK DID, and I am writing this letter for further investigation and protecting my own rights.
Please informed me if you read my letter.


Oct 10, 2019

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