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I ordered several sizes of blue plastic bottles which were 'packaged' in a large plastic bag inside a cardboard box. All the sizes were mixed together in the plastic bag and it took an hour to sort them out. I emailed my complaint to them and asked if they could package each bottle size separately. Their response was that nobody ever complained before and that is the way they package, along with a list of reasons why they would not package each size separately. The woman was spiteful and rude. She was indignant I would call to change my order and really did not want to be bothered with any requests.


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    Midwest Bottles LLC Apr 09, 2011

    When this order was placed it had already been packed & ready to ship. The customer calls and wants to add to the order so we did what she asked. When we pack an order we place each kind of bottle in layers with foam in between so they won't get scratched. Since the order was already placed we just added the additional bottles on top. If we shipped each item in a separate bag it would take up too much room in the box and cause us to have to use larger boxes and then the shipping would be more expensive. Most company only sell by the case which would solve the packing problem but many of our customers can not afford to purchase by the case so sell in small quantities and we do not have a minimum order which should be appreciated. We ship thousands of order in this manner without complaints. It is hard enough to grow a business & succeed in this day in time with out this kind of hassle.

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    Venus1977 Jun 28, 2013

    Again, as I stated in another comment to a picky complainer, there is a REASON the bottles are not assembled! If you don't know why, then don't order bottles. Also, if you took that long to figure out what goes with what, you shouldn't be in the business. It's sad how lazy and ignorant people are. Do you realize, if the bottles were assembled, it would take you longer to disassemble them, sanitize them, fill them, and then reassemble? What's the point of the bottles being shipped assembled? Unless you just like to use empty bottles as home decor.

    I've read so many comments from places I order from and they are all lazy, ignorant, whinny excuses. This is just another one.

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    Venus1977 Jun 28, 2013

    Most companies send the parts separate for sanitary reasons. If you can't figure out why, then don't order bottles. It's your job to sanitize and assemble your bottles. Honestly, if the bottles were assembled as you wanted them to be, you'd have to take them apart anyway in order to fill them...unless you just like decorating your home with empty bottles.

    Plus, if you expect fully assembled and individually packaged bottles, be prepared for extra handling costs and extra shipping times. Those who've been spoiled all their lives should not complain when the 'real world' exposes itself.

    Seriously, the complaints I've read on every company I order from are always so picky or from lazy people. No one should expect the world to magically create your finished product without you doing the work.

    This company has served me well and my customers love the quality of the bottles, jars, etc...

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