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Hello, I came into the store # 1275 in moorestown mall, NJ. The store was closed at 4pm on a Wednesday. (7/10/19) . I asked around if the store was open or undergoing construction and a store next to the metro said she was on her break, or wandering the mall. I waited for 20 minutes and she came in with her uniform shirt in a belly shirt tied behind her back and I said "excuse me I need to buy a phone." And she replied rudely and said "um I'm on my break." Another 15 minutes are going by and she's still on her break. I asked her name and she said Maria, and the same person I asked about her whereabouts says she does this a lot. And she wanders the mall frequently.


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  •   Jul 10, 2019

    And do you know how long her break was? Suppose it was an hour? She informed you she was on her break and you apparently failed to inquire as to when she would be back. You just got all huffy and impatient. Entitled twit. All supposition by people who don’t make her schedule nor manage her performance.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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