MetroFaxcancellation of contract

T Dec 03, 2019

I signed up in July 2019 and used it once. I did not use it again so i sent an email cancelling it. Then I forgot about it as I had a personal matter to deal with over the next months. I sent and email telling them to cancel it in Oct and they continued to bill me.

When i saw that i was still being billed i contracted them by chat. They told me that and email is not enough to cancel i had to chat with them by chat or phone.

I told them to cancel the account and ask they refund me for Oct. November and December. They refused.

I won't do business with companies that make you go through steps to cancel, then they offer you a reduction in price to stay. Why not be good to the customers that you have then you can retain them.

I cancelled by email and they continued to bill me. I ask for them to refund me and they said no. Bad business bad attitude. I would never go back to them.

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