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T Dec 03, 2019 Review updated:

I signed up in July 2019 and used it once. I did not use it again so i sent an email cancelling it. Then I forgot about it as I had a personal matter to deal with over the next months. I sent and email telling them to cancel it in Oct and they continued to bill me.

When i saw that i was still being billed i contracted them by chat. They told me that and email is not enough to cancel i had to chat with them by chat or phone.

I told them to cancel the account and ask they refund me for Oct. November and December. They refused.

I won't do business with companies that make you go through steps to cancel, then they offer you a reduction in price to stay. Why not be good to the customers that you have then you can retain them.

I cancelled by email and they continued to bill me. I ask for them to refund me and they said no. Bad business bad attitude. I would never go back to them.


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    AGrownUp Dec 28, 2019

    A company doesn't legally (atleast in the US), have to accept cancellations by email unless the terms of service( you read and agreed to them) specifically state that you can cancel by email.

    What most likely happened is they replied to your emails telling you to call in or use chat, and you didn't get the email. Don't want to have to call or chat? Don't sign up. Read the agreement.

    It was your responsibility to follow up and you didn't do it. Grow up and accept it.

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