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I have placed an order online on the 28. Sep 2017. for a CF1 Super Torch and it was supposed to be delivered in 3 days. On my account still stands processing. I still have not revieved anything and was forced to pay up front... BTW on your website stands that you have it in stock ... when will i recieve it?

Marko Damjanovic
Order #MTMEUDE-[protected]


  • Ed
    Edwin Mynelly Nov 02, 2017

    These [censor] take your money, then they forgot all about you. It will take months and sometimes a year plus to heard from them and if you are lucky you will get your money back.
    They did disconnect the New York number so no one in USA call them asking for their money back.
    You may keep trying and good luck to get an answer from them, and that's if you can get hold of some of those [censor] at Metem.

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