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Jul 20, 2019

I got logged out no matter how many times I change my password it still says invalid and to click forgot password can you tell me current password or help me get back in I really don't want to have to make a 4th new email account and meetme account please help me I don't know what else I could possibly do so very frustrating that this keeps happening / fix the glitch since the last update everybody did

Jul 14, 2019

Ever since the lasted up date some streams have gotten an awful glitch or are lagging and the sound is messed up.. it's very irritating for streamers an followers .. I stream an as of yesterday since I did the update on meetme it has been awful for myself an my followers you have to fix... / child pornography

Jun 28, 2019

MeetMe has turned into a porn site. They still, however, allow underage female profiles, many of which are using video chat. I have filed BBB, FTC, FCC complaints to no avail. They also sell you credits that "disappear" with no record of use, making it impossible to prove. I have kept my... / beware of anyone asking for money!

Jun 23, 2019

BEWARE I repeat BEWARE! if anyone you message or anyone that is asking to meetup but requires money from you. Do not give in to the person you contact or else you'll be setup for a possible trap. The possible traps could involve your arrest, being a sugar daddy/mommy, or just completely... / meetme

May 10, 2019

My account was canceled because it says it violated terms of service. I didn't violate any terms of service, I know I didn't. Also they won't tell me what I supposedly did wrong. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that MeetMe won't tell you what you supposedly did to deserve to have your... / meet me dating site

Nov 11, 2018

I keep getting logged out of meet me i repeteadley verified my phone number it keeps saying invalid keep sending them emails they donot respond at all please contact them as soon as possible so they can fix this problem so i wont have any more isuses do i can log in again by the morning with no problem i want to file a complaint against them thanks / terrible website banning me just minutes after I signed up.

Oct 10, 2018

I signed up today and wanted to meet the ladies there. However, almost none replied and one was just 63 years old lady I was not interested. I was finally chatting with one from the Philippines because none of American women would reply. I am from upstate New York. What happened then they... / they will never reply back to me

May 06, 2018

yes this website will refuse to cancel my account because the thing was when I registered with this website I accidentally signed up under an email of one I don't have because mine is at yahoo and is the same as theres only theres is at gmail and I accicdentally put...

Meetme / kicked off 4 not sending ladies my pic

Nov 10, 2017

I talk 2 a lot 4 ladies on meetme and there is a lot of fakes lies they just want 2 use u 4 money 1 lady she went by the name Tammy (fake) she told me there a guy meeting kids and drugs at a hotel so I reported it and nothing got done then when ladies asked me 4 my pic I tell them no and...

Meetme / the live chat rules

Jun 22, 2017

I been using meetme since it was myyearbook! I went on live & my friend was broadcasting, he put a piece of chewing tobacco in his mouth and I asked him "if he swallowed the stuff or spit it out" and it got me suspended! This is absolutely ridiculas! I never post nudity i've been here for...

Meetme / nothing but fakes!

Mar 09, 2016

I used MeetMe website for about 2 years. I've posted pictures, talked to people and everything seemed fine. Then I accidentally found out that my pictures got stolen. My pictures were used to create a fake profile. I immediately contacted customer support and was told that there wa... / Stole my pictures

Feb 23, 2016

I used this website for several years, talked to many people, but then I found out that my pictures were stolen and used to make a fake account. It was pretty awkward when I found myself on this website. I contacted the person and asked who he was and why he used my pictures, and the... / don't waste your time.

Jan 21, 2016

MeetMe is the worst dating site I ever experienced. 50% of the girls are there just for fun, they are lying about everything and making fun of people. The other half are fake. These are just employees of the site and they are just doing their job, raking money from naive men. I met all... / Profile got phished

Feb 05, 2013

Got a security warning in my email that my account on meetme got phished or hacked into. I logged on to find out that I'm using Sandra housten for my profile instead of mine. I changed my password but that did not change at all.