MedihelpPoor Customer Service


After I resigned from Medihelp, they told me I owed them R3118, 00 for my savings account I used. I am not sure why they call it my own savings account, as they did not cover most of the “over the counter” meds I bought. I agreed, and made arrangements to pay the outstanding amount in 3 months. After I paid the outstanding amount in time, they came back to me and told me I owed them another R8.15 for late payment; the reason for this is; I did not mail them the proof of the last payment in time (although it was made in time). Michelle Dewrance, the accounts contact person, was not helpful in the event, and very rude during all communications. I did pay the outstanding amount just to get rid of them, and hopefully never hear from them again. Please think twice before joining these guys!!!

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