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MDG Visionbook Pro 3700SMDG is a fraud company

I purchased a MDG Vision Pro 3700S notebook on payments 02/28/2007 and bought the 3 yr parts & labour extended warranty package (which is worthless) all this cost $1851.82 (which ended up being $3114.61)

Payed religiously for approx. 2 years @ $65.50 a month and then went to pay it out and found out that I owed $1542.61 still! This laptop cost me over $3100 in the end and if I was to sell it I could only get around $700 for it in mint condition!

Thats not the worst part. We have had to send it back in for repairs 3 times and pretty much each time we have had to pay MORE! The salesmen/woman are the most rude and ignorant people I have ever had conversations with in my life and I buy and sell online so I talk with ALOT of people everyday! They lie, cheat and steal your money!

First time it broke was a week after we received it. The hard drive crapped out. Call in and they told us we could either send it back or bring it into the Vancouver store for repairs. We live 1800 miles away from Vancouver but we had planned on a vacation down there in the Summer (which was just a month away) so we waited. While in Vancouver we spend a whole day trying to find the store with 4 kids in our van. MDG had the WRONG address listed on the MDG website so we drove around aimlessly for hours, called the store twice and got East Indians that could barely speak English and were very hard to understand. Well after about 5 hours we finally got a pedestrian to show us where it was...walked in to the store finally and wait in line for another 45 mins only to find out the store doesn't stock the hard drive and we will need to send it in anyways. FURIOUS we left and called our sale rep...ya he was no help and didnt give a damn. When we got home we had to send it in and of course pay more money for the repair (forget just how much). When it came back (like 2 months later) all my important files were gone and everything was changed...horrible experience!

The laptop worked ok for the next few months then the DVD burner died, keys stopped working, speaker would not work and the LCD case and hinges were cracking and breaking. So we sent it back again. This time I sent a nice butt kissing letter along with the laptop and it came back within 2 weeks and no cost to us. We were stoked and thought that MDG must be changing their ways.

Again the laptop worked for a few more months before the LCD case and hinges started to crack again and then the hard drive failed again. I called and got a RMA and sent it back again (with another butt kissing letter) 2 months go by and no word. Finally I break down and call. I was told we will have to pay another $280 for the LCD case, a new (upgraded) hard drive as they do not stock the old one, and battery clips. I fought with the man on the phone about this telling him the laptop was babied and barely used there is no reason we should have to pay for this when we have a gold warranty package. They claim now that all this is our doing...I have yet to call them back and tell them to proceed with repairs or not. I think I am going to file a BBB complaint and demand a refund of my money and if nothing comes of that I will take MDG to small claims court for a full refund on the $3100+ piece of crap they sold/scammed me on.

I could probably write a 10 page letter on MDG and what they have done to us but I will keep it short. Buyer beware with this company! They are scammers and Steve Nash should be ashamed to be their spokes person. They lie, cheat, scam and steal your money then send you garbage. This MUST be stopped!

MDG if you read this I WANT my hard earned money back. You ripped off a honest hardworking family of 7 and it is not right. You have my computer and I want my money back. All $3114.61 of it!


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    MadMom82 Jan 20, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. I have been paying for a tv and a laptop for lil over 3 year and when i notice i paid 2x more then what was i told . i contacted them and they tell me that i still owe them 13, 000 . meaning i made a dent of 2, 000. I am pissed . I am a single mom and im tired of all my money going to them they even took more then what was agree to and i didn't know at the time till i went to go cash out at the grocery store, i wanted to cry ( they took food from my kids mouths) first time i have ever had to borrow money from my dad. . i want to stop the payments but unsure what to do and what will happen. will my kids lose their tv? if i stop paying? like can they come to the house and take it . or do they just send it to credit bru.

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  • Ea
    easypeasylemoonsqueezy Nov 12, 2014

    Looks like the SMARTEN UP GUY is rep for MDG.. how dare he say that its the consumers fault, what a loser.

    It's obvious MDG Canada is a horrible, money scamming, awful company. They are like mosquito's but instead of sucking blood they are sucking the money right out your pockets. They lie and claim that you can pay off their products within a certain time frame... which would be true if the interest weren't sky high and added to every payment... its like your not even making a payment.

    My bf and I had just recently discovered that all the payments he made for a year was all for nothing... a $1500 computer and after year of making payments, its was down to $1400. We calculated that my bf's total contribution to his payments were $1080, and yet we only made a hundred dollar difference in the whole total. You, SMARTEN UP GUY needs to look at facts and realize ppl are paying up, they are hardworking ppl and are trying to pay off this debt.. but since this contract is a sham, there is no way we will pay another cent towards this company, they can shove that contract where the sun don't shine.

    Plus, contracts never scared me anyways, never did creditors, I could care less what lengths they would go to try and get any more money from us.. It is to darn bad that companies like this exist and that they knowingly allow such cheats and scams to continue all for money.

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  • Mi
    missmaddy Nov 05, 2014

    I was also scammed on my computer I bought through the company when they sent me the papers to sign they only sent the paper to sign not the whole contract so I could see the percentage rate. Has anybody that has quit paying been sent to collections for this or is it actually sent to the credit bureau to make you have bad credit. I need to know I have sent letters off and can't get them to stop taking the money out of my account. Right after I got my computer it started acting up and I called them and they said they couldn't help me at all and that it wasn't their problem. I don't like the company and they also scammed a friend of mine and we are both trying to get out from under the contract right now. Please help me if you know how to get out from under it.

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  • Ra
    Rachel23 Aug 22, 2014

    Almost 3 years ago, I discovered MDG Computers while surfing the net. I applied and got approved instantly. I was wowed. Horrible credit yet got approved. I was extremely excited. Roger Banner was my rep. Things were going well and had made about 2 or 3 payments. Suddenly, I lost my job and was unable to make payments as arranged. I told Roger of my situation and instead of just closing off my file/account, Roger kept calling me so that we could both come up with a solution. At the end of it all, he promised to keep my file open with the payments I had previously made as credit for any future products I may be interested in. Roger is one of the best reps at MDG. He sure knows how to keep a smile on a customers face...MDG's biggest asset!

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  • Sm
    SMARTEN UP May 06, 2014




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  • Md
    MDG SCAM Mar 06, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Right now, I have a few items I am paying for through MDG. Two of the items were laptop computers, both in which broke down, hinges falling off etc..When I spoke to someone in their sales department prior to signing any agreement, I was told that the agreement was based on a 2 year term in which the laptop would be fully paid off. The very first laptop was purchased in 2010 and last year was when I had realized that the payments coming out of my account had been going on for approximately 3 years. Basically what I had been told over the phone was not in line with the actual contract. Unfortunately for me, I did not read all the fine print. Basically what I am saying is that the sales team at MDG will tell you anything over the phone to get you to sign the deal, even if it involves telling you a bunch of lies. Last year when I called them to bring this to their attention, I was put through to a lady that told me that my payment plan involved 4 years of biweekly payments unless I pay it off in full before then. Well there was nothing I could do about this considering that my mistake was believing a salesman's word over the phone rather than reading the fine print in the I had to let it go, however she did state that my contract would be shortened and my last payment would be in February. It wasn't just the complaint that I had in regards to being mislead over the phone, it was also the fact that the expensive computer I was paying an enormous amount of money for in the end had fallen apart within only the first 6 months of use. I had never experienced this with a purchase of a laptop before, and I told this lady that I was not only upset about being lied to by their sales department but I was also upset at the fact that my laptop was gone in less than a year and there was nothing that could be done about it, yet I am still making these payments. I should have asked her to e-mail or send something in writing to verify what she had told me over the phone just incase something should happen where the money is still being withdrawn from my bank account after the said date. I have also purchased things from them other then laptops in which I so far have not had any complaints about(knock on wood). I ordered something else from them just before Christmas of last year (not a laptop of course)and spoke to someone in their sales department in regards to being mislead about the payment plan that started in 2010 but he also verified over the phone that my last payment for the laptop would be in February, so basically 2 people from MDG at this point have told me that my last payment for the laptop purchased in 2010 would be completed by February of 2014. I would have never placed an order just before Christmas of last year had I known that the payments were going to keep coming out of my account from the purchase I had made in 2010. It's been nothing but lies with them, and my stupidity lead me to believe everything I was being told over the phone. I contacted them when I had realized that the money had been withdrawn from my account in March when it wasn't suppose to be. I was so furious and asked to be put through to the supervisor who in the end did not take any of my complaints seriously and even threatened me with small claims court if I stopped the payments before the contract date. I should have got something in writing last year after talking to the lady who told me that my last payment would be in February, and same thing with the Salesperson who also told me the same. Fortunately I did save my account information which shows my payment plan for everything but the laptop purchased in 2010 which also tells me that I should no longer be paying for this. Anyways, my experience with them has been nothing but a headache and I really wish I had not placed so much trust into this company who I feel has told me nothing but lies after lies.

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  • Kp
    kparacy Dec 15, 2013

    THank you all so very much for your posts about this company. I have been HOUNDED by these people ever since aplying via facebook where I first found them and being approved for 2800.00 in credit.

    Yet when I talked to the sales agent, who called me fifty times and harassed me to complete the sale, I found out that due to shipping and taxes and financing fees I cannot get what I wanted, only two of four items, because they say the financing eats up the rest of my credit. It made absolutely no sense to me... so I wanted the Wii bundle with two games for my kids and a toshiba touchscreen laptop. I went online and saw that the laptop is only 777.00 at best buy and at a Costco and various other places, then I found out the Wii is 299 with the two free games across the board in all stores too, yet MDG is charging 1577.00 for the laptop, and wants 550.0 for the wii! ALMOST DOUBLE or in one case it IS double the cost to buy outright!
    When I told the sales agent whose hounding me now daily to send my banking information to complete the sale (thank god I didn't send it yet, but I did sign the online contracts yikes), when I told him no friggin way would i pay double for these items he tells me the WII is double because those two games are included, like its some special thing. Then he has the nerve to tell me the games are over 80.00 each alone so im getting a good deal, stupid salesman didn't realize id done my homework and NO those games are DIRT cheap and INCLUDED in every wii U that is being sold anywhere right now for only 299!

    So i went to EB games and bought the WII U today outright, only 300 with tax. No shipping, no ###, no interest.

    This company scares me. I am so so so glad I didn't sign on and get raped by them. I would have ended up paying 6 or 7 thousand dollars for less than 1000.00 worth of merchandise according to the people on this site and others that I have found for some reason this company seems to end up making people pay TWICE for their merchandise?!

    What spooked me was the fine print, when I read it, what jmped out at me was, product may not be as it appears or as we say it is, (so in other words, they are selling ### refurbished versions of what they say they are selling/new, its not)! and also, the fine print says that they reserve the right to change our terms and prices for our items at ANY time and theres nothing we can do about it. Yes, thats what the contract says. Yet, I trusted them. and I signed it, it wasn't until later when I saw that fine print I panicked. Now this shady company has a contract signed by me... and my drivers licence, and address, and heck even my income tax papers as I sent it because it had my proof of address. ###. I hope to god they just leave me the hell alone. I am NOT proceeding with this sale NOR will I give them my banking info after finding all this out. I wish to God I had Googled and typed MDG scam before adn saw what came up. The truth, they ARE a scam!

    So sad for all these poor hardworking families and people on here who've been ripped off. Its not right. They pray on those of us with bad credit, and make our lives an even worse financial nightmare then they already are. The worst part is how innocent and honest and 'we just want to help you' they act. Its so evil and malicious.


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  • Je
    Jemma6 Sep 26, 2012

    I've had nothing but problems with this company too. They're computers are absolute crap as is their customer service and business ethic.
    I want to put this horrible company out of business. It's absurd how poorly they're run!!
    Anyone feel like taking a legit complaint to the better business bureau? We could even spam them all at once with numerous complaints we've had over the years.
    We're definitely not alone in this.

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  • Ka
    Karen_Vincent Jul 14, 2010

    Yeah, the hinges and casing on my laptop broke within three months, and we barely had been using it at all, but remarkably, the hinge issue was never covered by warranty and it was suggested I replace the entire casing at my own cost.

    Still paying and owing a huge amount after three years of religiously paying on a computer that has hardly been used because it has always been in a broken state. POS. I would never buy from MDG again in my lifetime. It is not a quality product and they will charge you a premium for it.

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  • Do
    Dovee Jun 01, 2010

    I have gone to "Service Alberta" and filed a complaint as I too have a broken hinge which I was initially told was covered under warranty and 9 months later after multiple calls then told it was my fault, and I am waiting to hear back from them. I was even told that they would sell me an Acer of lesser quality and a reduced price this was something they had done for other University Students. Everyone needs to notify Service Alberta as there are laws against this type of thing, selling you warranty and not honoring it. Much to my surprise Service Alberta has not had any complaints. They need to hear from you!

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  • Ea
    Earth 2 Bella May 20, 2010

    ooooopsie!!! above I wrote that MDG COMPUTERS prays on ppl who they can scam. bad typo!
    MDG doesn't PRAY...

    MDG COMPUTERS ' PREYS' on those who they can take advantage of. they PREY. PREY and PREY some more!! someone is needed that can put this company in the limelight for all that they are...or is that all that they ARE NOT????

    I PRAY that all the $$$$ MDG owes countless customers will one day be returned.


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  • Ea
    Earth 2 Bella May 20, 2010

    I am another MDG customer that was scammed. they seem to pray on the people who go to their company as a last resort as they need to get a computer. I am weary just thinking of all the money they took out of my account since I got my low-end computer that was supposed to be 1500.00 and 44.00/per mth. I didn't have money in my account at one point because it was paid off according to my calculations. I was counting down the mths when I would have it paid off! what a cruel joke!

    I contacted my sales person and she sent me some BS email about how I still owed 1500.00!!!I got a threatening letter from MDG's collection dept stating if I didn't clear up the payments, they would send a collection agency after me and take me to court for nearly 3000.00!
    It was as if I hadn't made a single payment and was starting all over again with payments. I got no response of course. well, they did tell me 'sorry but your PC with us is not paid off, due to interest, etc you owe, dear ... blah blah blah blah...LIARS!!!

    when I ordered my PC, I needed it for the University I was enrolled in online. TRYING TO GET AHEAD...ha.
    for months they have been taking out/or trying to take out payments at various times of the mth, NOT the agreed upon day that I was told I could choose for my convienience. they have taken amounts that now vary from the agreed upon 44.00/mth.
    I have no idea why they can get away with such business practices. In January they took 150.00 from my account. UNREAL.

    I didn't know what to do, so I just gave up and quit using my bank account and went to a cash store to cash my cheques.
    I had so many NSF charges for fraudulent withdraws from MDG that in December I was overdrawn 904.oo. yes! 904.00 !!! no typo! I wish it was!
    I was owed almost exactly that amount from the Government for taxes and I requested they mail me a cheque as I knew my money would just get eaten up by the bank. they made a mistake (shocking I know but tis true! the Canadian Government makes mistakes??
    !! couldn't have been worse timing for them to put the money in my account by direct deposit! poof! every cent paid for my NSF fees due to MDG!!!

    was there any money left in my account? hell no. I actually was overdrawn by 2.00. this was when my rent was due. I nearly got evicted. that was a lot of money to lose on such a small income. This was the same time MDG lucked out and tried for the 150.00 withdraw! chaaaachiiiiiiiiing!!! they got it in their dirty scamming pockets.

    I had no money to pay rent, feed my children, drive my car or take public transportation! I was literally broke.
    after several requests to my bank to help me regarding this matter, my bank (CIBC) put a stop payment for any amount whatsoever from MDG. yesterday they tried to take 60.00 out of my account. Ha! It was a small victory but the first one so it was a bit uplifting.

    My bank suggested hiring a lawyer. I truly think we should all send in letters to MDG computers and demand our money back that they stole from us.

    Imagine if you were to go into a store and make a purchase. you go to put it in your car but a salesperson demands for you to pay for your purchase ALL OVER AGAIN!!! we would look at them and tell them they are crazy! no way would we pay it!
    unfortunately, purchasing online is a free-for-all for some companies. MDG should be accountable. How many others have they scammed and they told no one? LOTS I am sure.

    I for one, had no idea who to tell or make a complaint to. Iam sickened how much money I lost. If I had a lot of money at my disposal I STILL would be writing this complaint here. the fact that I barely get by and have been struggling with bills, etc and then money whooshed out of my account over and over, no explaination or financial breakdown that showed I owed thousands of dollars for a 1500.00 PC.

    If anyone has any suggestions on this, I know all of us who have been scammed by MDG COMPUTERS would appreciate it a lot!
    Peace and love to all :)

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