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Once again I am complaining about Greensburg, IN location. I have no problem with day time. It is after 2:00 pm that the service goes down hill. Spead in drive thur is so slow. It doesn't stay moving. Not very friendly or your stuck at box without anyone talking to you. Next like last night I was told my food was all in the bag so I pulled away. It wasn't I went in to get it. No one at counter. Final I was ask by a manager what I needed. An yes it was not may I help you. Manager #2 was talking like I wasn't even in there. Saying that I pulled away without my food. Wouldn't even make eye contact. (Women with short hair) I told them I was told it was all in the bag. This store needs to learn to check things better, make better food, train everyone the service with a smile and if you got time to lean got time to clean rule. The manager should of looked at me and addressed me. Should of said something to make things right. Should offer people something to get them to come back. Not sure who the owner of this location is, but they need to retrain people or have them hit the door. I worked for McDonald's as a crew person and a manager in Batesville, IN years ago. We were always testing people. Guess that isn't done anymore for crew or management. I have also worked in the resturant business for many years. Someone needs to get in there and do something. Everyone cpmplains about this location. I report.

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  •   Jul 01, 2019

    How empty and vapid are you to have taken a full chronological survey of this restaurant? Do you have nothing better to do than to chronicle the standard deviation and variance of service levels and multiple times throughout the day? I am sure you have a very balanced diet. If you are so overwhelmingly concerned, I highly recommend you get a job there and right this ship! You are a chronic whiner and over exaggerating the entire situation. I am sure you are most annoyed that you had to get off of your doughy alabaster keister in order to go in and get your fill of complex carbohydrates. I feel very bad for the shocks and struts on your vehicle. Get a life and stop seeking validation from a fast food restaurant. I wouldn't want to talk to you either.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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