McDonald'sdrive up crew member not listening at 5:30 am & people turning wrong way out of drive up.

S Jan 15, 2020

When placing an order at the drive up at 5:30 am the drive up crew member was not listening the first time had to repeat order said why don't you open your ears and listen next time. Got hollered at by shift supervisor for telling her worker to listen. This is not the first time that they have not listened but the first time I've been hollered at. You need to change the curbing so you can not turn Right as people take a right out of the drive up when your only suppose to go left I've gotten the finger for saying there going the wrong way when it is clearly marked. This is very dangerous and could cause a serious accident as it is one way.

Please have the regional Manager contact me about these concerns and how are you going to solve them.


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