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Good Afternoon,

I am here to complain about our overly excessive bill in Maynilad Waters. 40, 001.08 Pesos for 1 family of 4 person for 1 month is highly impossible. We live in a small house. Where did that reading came from anyway? We are a good payer. We pay our bills every month via online banking.

Contract No. [protected]
Billing name: Josephine Caguiat
Billing address: 122 Primero De Mayo St., Pasay City
E-mail: [protected]

We already have a case number. Case Number: T2S5R3

I hope they investigate this properly and do a proper reading because this is the second time we experience such excessive bills from this company. We were opted to pay 4, ooophp before from our previous bills of 500 to 4, 000? Really? I have no idea how they read our meter. The people who reads our meters are not trained well if that's the case or they're just taking advantage of the poor who works hard just to pay a 500+ bill ever month. That 4, 000 pesos we opted to pay during Holidays seasons made us eat and celebrate less of the Christmas season last year. I really really hope they fixed this.

This just saddens me.

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    IRR No-2013-01 Jun 14, 2018

    Fellow consumer here. That bill is ridiculous! Your average consumption from the previous months is way off that current consumption. If you have no busted pipes or leakages, Maynilad will probably tell you that they will have to test your meter, with an initial payment/deposit for that new meter of course. And then they will tell you that if your old meter is not busted, you will have to pay for the new meter PLUS meter testing costs. Then they will tell you that the old meter passed the test (meaning it is not faulty/defective) and you will be forced to pay for everything. Of course it's Maynilad! Lahat pinapabayaran nila! True story. Took two years for someone to look into our meter/billing complaints, repeatedly filed and reported, and yet no resolution to date. We bear the inconvenience and anxiety of actual, or threat of, having our water service disconnected every month.
    I don't know if this changes anything but check and find out if there have been Maynilad pipe or drainage works in your area during the contested period. That probably explains the absurd surge in your meter reading. Authorities should really look into how Maynilad operates and its process of addressing reported complaints.

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