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Mate1.com Complaints & Reviews

Mate1.com / cancellation.

Charlene Sullins on Oct 15, 2017
I called 1-1888-6884760 to cancel my Mate1 ad on Saturday and a msg. said closed on weekend. The recording said to contact help desk to get email address, but I can find no help site on Mate1. Please help me now! This has been going on since Friday. So frustrating. I do not care for thi...

Mate1.com / Scam. Ripoff.

Salvatore on Oct 5, 2017
What a scam!!! I haven't met real people on there yet. Everyone is fake. Many women use someone else's photos. All they want is to make you pay for services provided by the website. Moreover, those women are from third world countries, so think twice or maybe even thrice before signing up...

Mate1.com / mate1.com online dating service is a fraud

Rose Rehman on Sep 26, 2017
I was initially interested, and they advertise options for their service, from 3 day free trial, 3 months, 6 months, etc. but once you give them your account information they do not comply with your request. I was charged $119.94 and was not told how long I was getting this awful service...

Mate1.com / Money taken from my account without concern

Will Junior on Jan 18, 2017
I signed up for 3 days trial and I found out they took another amount of £39.95 and I don't know why. They didn't ask for permission before taking money from me I request a refund because I didn't want money to be taken from my account apart from the 3 day trial. Furthermore, taking money from...

Mate1 / Social site

Bill Bohannon on Oct 31, 2016
I provided all this info on this form about all the people contacting me for money by Walmart cards and money orders I spent over thirty minutes to fill all your request and it takes me back to the original form and can't proceed. I kept all text messages and emails with their request. I...

Mate1.com / Everything

فايز رومية on Aug 24, 2016
This is complete a fraud of international reputation. I have a membership for 10 days, and I so far received over 3000 invitation from "women" who are ALL US citizen but happens to be in Ghana for a reason or another. I think an organized criminal supervise and control this site. And...

Mate1.com / Disgusted!

Jane on Apr 21, 2016
This was the first time I used a dating site. I joined Mate1 and paid some money and met a nice guy there. Well, he only seemed nice but in reality he was a thieve and wanted only my money! He said something about army, told that he loved me and wanted to see me in real life, but he wa...

Mate1.com / Dating Site

adalberto on Apr 9, 2016
I have a complaint with this company named mate1.com is a fraud I know a woman named Maria Arguetar, but this person when I make a request of video not send me the video and ask for money for travel living in usa, only send me this photos I believe that this a men.using this photos for cheating the mens.BEWARE...

Mate1.com / Fake profiles

Max on Feb 16, 2016
This website is a fraud, better save your time and avoid it. Majority of people here are fakes, the responses are phony. You get messages from Mate1 customer service stating that you were put on someone's hot list, but no one is hot listing you but Mate1! Don't be a fool and do not respond...

Mate1.com / Internet Dating Site

maddy3121 on Jan 6, 2016
I re-joined recently. A few years ago, I wrote and advised that this site was FULL OF SCAMMERS. Someone from Mate1 said they would look into it and correct the situation. Well, I have only been back on the site 3 weeks and it is still FULL OF NIGERIAN or GHANA SCAMMERS. Most have no photo...

Mate1 / Dating Service Took Money Out Of My Bank Account

susan74 on Dec 23, 2015
This has happened before, they didn't have my consent that time either. I have used Mate 1 before several months ago, when my subscription ran out i did not renew it. the last time i asked Mate 1 to take me off there contact list, this obviously hasn't happened. I Expect Mate 1...

Mate1.com / 3 days trying for 1.95 pounds

ovidiu178 on Dec 7, 2015
I have decided to pay the 3 day becouse I have notes enough profile from London . Once I'm inside 1000 women from USA contacted me even if I specify in my description to not bother. That's why I decided it's not for me this site . But trying to unsubscribe discover that the page of Mate1 slow down and block when I go in that direction.

Mate1.com / Cancelled subs months ago

Andrew Leach on Nov 16, 2015
I cancelled my subscription months ago now yesterday 15 nov 2015 they took 72 doiiars out of my visa debit card without authorisation, that money was allocated to a motel booking witch now got refused innsuficient funds and me and my girlfriend live more than an hour away from Adelaide...

Mate1.com / Fake

Reviewer33035 on Sep 18, 2015
My email address is getting flooded on a daily basis with what amounts to a cut and paste type of message in that they read word for word as being alike though each is supposedly coming from a different sender. All of which totally amazes me. Not just that yet another site has the audacity...

Mate1.com / Posting a fake profile using my picture and and nickname

Reviewer10524 on Sep 8, 2015
I was made aware that the online dating site, Mate1.com, had hacked an old photograph of me, an old username that includes the name of the complex where I used to live, Lakeridge--I moved over 3 years ago-- and a user "handle I have not used in many years "LakeridgeDave". It...

Mate1 / Unauthorized charge

Sue Christian on Aug 12, 2015
I wish I had read the scam reviews before giving my credit card number for the "3 Day" trail offer. My card was charged $50.00. The day I saw the charge I went to the site and cancelled the membership. Now I'm told I didn't do it in time. Not knowing I would be charged more, it was not possible to cancel any sooner. WHAT A SCAM

Mate1.com / Charged $49.95 to my bank acct. I did not even see Mate.1 on line, did not sign up.

Margaret Eifffert on Oct 30, 2014
In or shortly before September 2014 Mate1.com Canadian site charged my debit account the amount of $49.95 to my debit card without my permission. I DID NOT GO ONLINE WITH THIS DATING SITE. My bank supposedly investigated my fraud complaint but apparently were given false credentials so...

Mate1.com / I took out trial i never agreed to sign up

katie burdie on Jan 9, 2014
I took out the 3 days trial of mate 1 to see what the web site is all about. I never agreed to sign up for the next payment. As a result of that mate 1 has taken another payment from my bank and have took my money witch was in my bank for another direct debet and has now left me not paying...

Mate1 / Cancellation

msela on Apr 13, 2013
Mate1 took money from my account without authorization today while I was still in the middle of cancelling my account, since then I have gone and cancelled my account and I have composed a request for refund letter and contacted my bank account. The issue I am having at the moment is it i...

Mate1.com / i need cut my service

olimpio santos on Feb 27, 2013
I never use this site ever since i pay almost $50 can you help me to cut this site to my credit card pls

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