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MasterCare  -  debit orders still going off my account after I have cancelled my contract a while back

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Good Day Sir / Madam
Policy Number: MJ5602

I took out a contract with Mastercare and at that time it was mentioned all calls are recorded, The contract I took out was for my household appliances and my account was debited on a monthly basis.I logged in a call on the 24th of August 2015 for a repair on my washing machine, ref number [protected], I spoke to a lady by the name of Thembi, when the technician came out he said my washing machine can not be repaired.When the technician left I decided to take a look at the machine myself. The setting was out and I resetted it and the machine was working again. I called in and spoke to Thembi, asking her to cancel my contract with immediate effect as I was disappointed with their service, Thembi said she will ask Michelle to cancel the contract immediately, After speaking to Thembi the debit orders are going off every month and the contract has not been cancelled.
Please can mastercare get the recordings which I asked Thembi to cancel my contract and to please refund all the debit orders which went off my
bank account.
I only took note of this debit order for the past 3 to 4 months which I thought was cancelled a long time ago.
I tried calling Mastercare on the number [protected] and to no avail they would answer their phone, after a few days i managed to get hold of someone and asked for their phone number and email address to see if there was any change. They said thats the only phone number but was out of order which i think was just an excuse.I sent Nishlle an email on the 5th June 2017 to again cancel my contract with mastercare and she replied that i need to pay the monies that i am in arrears which does not make any sense as i was told on the phone when taking out the contract that if i fail to pay an instalment the contract would automaically be terminated and i mentioned above to Thembi to cancel the contract in August 2015.
After all this the debit orders are still going off my bank account which i am reversing.Please kindly assist me this this problem.
Thanking you
Kind regards
Farouk J
mobile no. [protected]

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