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Oct 15, 2019

After having been a professional and licensed advertiser utilizing this company's website for years, my account was suspended and there is no one with which to discuss the issue. There has been a progression over the last year or so with regards to a lack of support for advertiser... / fraudulent advertising - criminal activity

Sep 24, 2019

Los angeles joint regional intelligence center 12440 imperial hwy, fl 7th Norwalk, california 90650 Submitted via the online lead portal September 23, 2019 Re: complaint against intrepid web services llc Dear investigator/ special agent in charge: Pursuant to h.r. 1865, I... / my account was suspended

Sep 05, 2019

Hello, My name is Adam. I have been using for several years. I believe since 2014. I had over 300positive reviews which has been removed from my profile and only left 5 but that's okay I can get over that. I went for vacation recently so I ended my subscription. When I... / my ad

Sep 03, 2019

Hello, my name is Thomas My account has been deactivated just because i made a mistake using a file of the picture of my credit card and I just used another to pay the bill . It was just a mistake . in any case both of the cards are mine . Can you tell me how do I informe you about thi... / suspending accounts

Aug 30, 2019

My friend had an ad up for massage. The links to the phone and text were not working correctly. An incomplete number was coming up and did not work. I recommended he add a message that the links weren't working and add his information. His account was suspended. I did not know this was ... / account suspended

Aug 28, 2019

Hi, my account has been suspended for no understandable reason, and all my busssines depends on this website... I inquire support service as I am sure it is a mistake, to short it out and keep working here. The account was canceled when I made sure in respecting the rules of the website... / Bad customer Service. Advertising. Charging my card wrong.

Aug 19, 2019

Hi. My name is Jeferson. My add has been suspended this week for no understandable reason. I opened an GOLD account with masseur finder on Aug 02 and got charged in My Visa Debt card $188.88, everything was doing great, but I haven't received many clients so about two weeks later I decided to... / ad has been suspended & would like to return

Aug 01, 2019

Hi. My name is Marcos. My add has been suspended this week for no understandable reason. I have been using your site successfully for years and never had a problem. My mobile is +[protected] Address: Flat 1 - 21 Rathbone street My partner's Ad has also been suspended. we both live and... / bas service, massage by adam. scam!!!

Jul 22, 2019

Be careful, don't use masseuses advertising without testimonials or any customers reviews. This is scam under the Masseurfinder umbrella. Today I got service from Adam. He was in NJ, but he normally based in Naples, FL. The service was $150 for 60 min. During The procedure Adam told me he...

Massage by Delton on Masseurfinder / my text describing my services keeps dropping off the site.

Jun 24, 2019

I was just notified (6/24/19) that my ad has no description of my services. This is the second time for no reason that my description of services has dropped off the site. I believe the last time was less that a year ago. Why does this keep happening? I have not been on the site to make...

[Resolved] / masseur: massage by jr. (new york/la)

Jun 15, 2019

I received a massage from him once. At the time he recommended i prepay for a package for a discounted rate. I prepayed for one session. He has been elusive ever since. Saying he's in New York when he's not, etc. I asked him to refund me the $165 that I paid him as I have not received the service. He has not and has stopped responding completely. . / how do you leave a review

May 29, 2019

I don't have a complaint. I had a wonderful experience with one of the masseurs in DC. I have clicked on everything. I want to leave a positive review for one of the masseurs, but it is not clear how to to that. I am hoping you can tell me how to leave a review. I have a login as a... / customer service

May 26, 2019

As a long time advertiser, I have increasingly become more frustrated with the total lack of customer service for advertisers. I have been trying all weekend to pay my account but the system registers an error and says they will investigate. That's not good enough! Meanwhile, I don't have... / bad customer service

May 12, 2019

Masseurfinder is under to much control so is very secure the clients now are just jerks or machines/ trolls that don't let us work as masseurs:-( they are been charging my account my ad is online but no number they removed my phone number I want to get into my accounts and is no posible... / massage/review

Mar 15, 2019

How can I address masseur finder regarding a terrible service on their site as well as being able to make a review. It is shocking that the people who advertise here are able to provide bad service and get away with it. I went for a massage in Chicago (two-hands)- They were so unfriendly...

Intrepid Web Services, LLC / Operator Of / massages by gay friendly men

Mar 10, 2019

I contact a listed masseur lamar asked of information and prices, he gave me all the info via text, the last thing I had to ask for numerous time were his prices, I reviewed and text back that I would let him know. With in 15 min I started to receive nast text message on and on and on he...

[Resolved] / massages by two masseurs who threatened me with paying them more money that they were given up front prior to the massage.

Mar 03, 2019

Paolo and Armano: [protected] [protected] [protected] These two men threatened and corned me during a massage session. I arrived and they demanded payment up front of which I paid them $250.00 for the session. 5-minutes in they began to get erotic and took off their clothes and demanded I... / advertising

Jan 14, 2019

This is the worst website I've ever worked with. There is no customer service yet they charge 100 per month for an ad. They keep changing their rules like they're bipolar. They use an analytic service for monitoring ads as they are being submitted. One time my ad will be accepted and then a... / no phone number, no contact for website masseur complaints

Dec 27, 2018

Masseurfinder has many masseurs charging outrageous prices with no one controlling the prices what they charge. The prices throughout the years have gone from a normal 65.00 an hour price to 85 however today they are over 180 to 200. Unbelievable! they removed testimonials because they say... / advertising as a lcmt from palm springs, ca

Dec 08, 2018

I just paid to advertise on MasseurFinder. I was in the middle of entering my info. & got a pop-up message that I am suspended from this site. This must be a mistake. You charged my card. Please let me know what the problem is. I am a licensed massage therapist & was attempting to... / massage

Nov 13, 2018

I had a massage last night and it was a 4 handed massage that was supposed to go for an hour. First, they had me pay them in advance (320/hr for 4 handed) then only massaged me for 30 mins. I left because I felt very uncomfortable since they jerked me off (I didn't know that was going to... / male massage website

Aug 21, 2018

There is no way to contact anyone at this company. They process your credit card for hundreds of $ and when you have a problem you are on your own. The contact us function does not work and no phone # is listed. I don't understand why Male Massage Therapist use this site when there...