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When I received the corerespondence from Ms Kelly, I tried to work out a plan. I was told that I could not unless I could pay the debt out right. Of course that was impossible, if it were possible I would not be in default. She then informed me that they would be taking 25% of the amount owed, so I figured that I could not fight so I braced for the worst. As the debt went down the deduction did not. I am owe 704.03$ but she still took over half of the amount which was 369.57$ I feel that as a lawyer her proffesionalism is questionable.

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Mary Jane Elliot PC is a horrible human being. It is that simple. I had wrecked a car back in 2017 with Santander being the Lienholder on my vehicle. I stayed in contact with them, told them I would continue with my payments, there was no need to turn the account over to a debt collector. My car was picked up and from there taken to auction. I never received any further communications. In 2021, Maybe around March, I'm unsure of the exact date, I received a letter that Mary Jane Elliot won a judgement against me for just under 10 grand. I went to the court, had the judgement reversed, and a trial date was set. I ended up doing a voluntary judgement. I knew I should owe some money, but those records were long gone. I tried to call Santander but they turned my case over to Manheim Detroit so had no information. I agreed with the judgement, agreed to make monthly payments of $200.00. This continued on for the past year and a half. My financial circumstances changed drastically and a $200.00 monthly payment was way more than I could handle. I called her office several times asking for my payment plan to be adjusted. I never got a call back, no matter how many messages I left. I missed a months payment. Was late 2 months in a row but did make the payment, all the while calling and calling, leaving messages that were never answered. I need to add that I was told other than my state taxes, which would be garnished, she would not garnish my wages or accounts as long as payments were made. Well, my sons Social Security check gets deposited on the 3rd. SS accounts are ungarnishable, especially when the account is his and I am just the representative payee. My bank however is not rep account friendly, When I opened these accounts 16 years ago it was, but the bank changed hands. So, on the 3rd of this month I took my paycheck, all the cash I had on hand, my boys check and put it all in the main account to get caught up on some very past due bills. After the deposit, I was driving to work and stopped for a $2.00 cup of coffee. My card was declined. She took EVERYTHING. My account was gone. Is gone. My electric, phone, gas, internet, house payment, car insurance payment, CC payments...All were slated to be automatically withdraw on the 4th. My account is sitting at $0.00. All bills due. Not 2 cents to scrape together. And it is ALL LEGAL. Nothing I can do because I put the Social Security check into the main account just to pay the bills. She is ruthless, relentless, you beg for a lower payment, her answer is to take everything you have. Funny thing is, when I called her office that day, my call was immediately answered. Amazing isn't it. All I could do was tell her I hope she enjoys what she got, because I am uncollectable from this point forward. Accounts are closed. Work for tips now. If she feels like garnishing that $2.00 an hour check I make, enjoy. Totals like $70 every 2 weeks and she can take I think a third of it. Have at it. Nothing is in my name. Not one thing. So, she will get a weekly payment of $1.00 until I can get back in front of the judge and get my payment lowered accordingly. I don't know how people like her can live with themselves. God will be the ultimate Judge and Jury. Her million dollar house will only be there until she dies, where it will be left to rot along with her reputation and memory. Enjoy this life Mary Jane, because I don't think your next life is going to be so wonderful. This comment is posted by Mary Elizabeth Smith. Case Number C2008591.


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