Maggiore Rentunauthorized credit card charges

L Jan 11, 2019

I rented a care with maggiore through online broker (booking reference rentalcars [protected]) for the peirod 5/7/2018 to 16/7/2018 at the Florence airport desk.
a few hours after I retrieved the car I noticed there was a problem with the battery (the battery light wouldn't go of). I decided to go for a ride to recharge the battery for half an hour and drove back to my hotel in Florence but didn't work.
The day after (6/7/2018) I went back to the Maggiore desk (nobody answered the phone which I called 25 times) where I again stood in line for 1 hour. I was sent back to the controldesk for car returning where they indeed agree there was a problem. I was sent back to the desk and asked for a new car. They said it was ok but that they had to charge fuel costs for my use. I explained to them I drove 3 km to the hotel but all the rest was due the battery problem. I also explained them I lost 1, 5 day of my holiday due to this problems but they didn't really care and said it can happen.
After 45min of discussion and having to call a superior they finally agree not to charge the fuel costs (unfortunatley I don't have it on paper) but without any kind of excuses.
Now 4 months after this incident, I was charged 165€ (for maybe 30km???!!) on my credit card for extra fuel cost although they agreed not to charge them.

It is a disgrace and plain stealing and doesn't streak at all with their so called customer values on the website:
'Caring for the customers'
Our customers must be completely satisfied when they are in one of our vehicles, or when they have any other type of contact with Maggiore. When we design our products and services we always consider our top priority to be whatever is best and most convenient for our customers. Our approach to the customer is marked by enthusiasm, cordiality, and a spirit of initiative based on a high level of Italian-Style motivation and professionalism. To achieve this, it is essential that all the departments of our business operate with the highest sense of service both towards the "internal customer" and the Maggiore customer.

Please issue a refund

Laurent de Coster

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