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I had an issue I had on 09/15 with 2 of my lululemon gift cards. I have the cards physically in my possession and they were registered to my account. When I went into the store on 09/15, they were showing a $0 balance (should've been $147.66) and $0.49 balance (should've been $214.36). I contacted customer support and was told that they had both been redeemed in store in Toronto. I am located in San Diego, CA and I don't know anyone in Toronto nor do I have any idea how someone in another country could get ahold of my card numbers and be allowed to use MY gift card codes from physical gift cards on an in-store purchase. This sounds like a protocol issue that shouldn't be allowed on their part. The customer service associate I spoke to on the phone basically told me that Lululemon was not liable for my balance as this is a theft. If there was a theft, it was on their end and how they handle gift cards. The cards are physically in my possession and were added to my account. Per the fine print on the back of the gift card - "lululemon can't be responsible for lost, stolen or misused CARDS..." Understood, I have the gift CARDS physically in my possession. The CARDS are not lost, stolen, or misused. The fine print goes on to say - "great news - your BALANCE is protected from LOSS if you register the card with us on your account." This is where I have an issue. I did exactly that; I registered the cards on my account. Therefore, my BALANCE is protected under their rules. The customer service rep on that I talked to on phone was no help. Lululmeon clearly needs a change in protocol. How can they allow a physical gift card code to be used in store without the card present? Especially when that code is registered to someone else's account? I truly believe this was either an inside job or their random number generator for their gift card numbers isn't really random and someone was able to access my gift card numbers on their end.

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    I was contacted by Lululemon regarding my complaint against them with the BBB. They basically said they would follow-up with me within 3-5 business days and I still haven't heard anything after 5 business days. My county police department is still investigating as they consider this identity theft so we'll see what happens. I don't think they understand that I'm not giving up. Their policies about not standing by their gift cards when there is clearly fraud happening on their end is ridiculous. I'm not giving up.

Sep 30, 2019
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      Oct 11, 2019

    Hi Ryan,

    This happened to me too. I had possession of my physical Lululemon gift card and thought it was best to apply it to my account for safekeeping. I was about to place an order yesterday on 10/10/19 and noticed that my gift card was no longer valid. I checked the balance on their website and noticed that it was "Forced Redeemed" (i.e., gift card number was provided but no PIN number was given) on 9/8/19. I asked a customer service representative how this was possible and she claimed I redeemed it in Orlando, FL when I'm based in California. The customer service representative required for me to file a police report and once I obtained that and informed them, they told me there's nothing that they can do. It definitely seems fishy!

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