LuLu Mallt-shirt exchange

A Nov 29, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

On 26th Nov, I had purchased few items from Lulu fashion store from which one item (t-shirt) that was taken had been the wrong size. I couldn't make it to lulu the next day to exchange the t-shirt due to some commitments I had to fulfill.

On 29th Nov, I went to Lulu fashion store to exchange the t-shirt, but the customer care disappointed me to the maximum they could. This was a very least expected Act from the side of Lulu fashion store.

I approached the customer care for an exchange of the t-shirt size from Large to Extra large.
They called for a staff from the men's wear section from the Announcement system. A man came finally after 20 mins of waiting.
He asked me to wait and took the t-shirt inside the store.
After about 10 mins he comes and tells me that there is a small red spot in the t-shirt. I was shocked to see that cause till the time the man touched the t-shirt it was perfectly fine and fresh. I am very sure that there is some game played by the man between that 10 mins he had taken the t-shirt inside the store.
I even found that there was thread pulled out from the seams.
When I Enquired about the same they just backed off without saying anything. Then finally they said they can't exchange the item and returned the t-shirt which they had damaged without any shame.

I am very disappointed by the behaviour of the staff. I am a frequent customer of Lulu fashion store and I was very satisfied with the variety of selections and options to choose from.

I request Lulu to Please get my item exchanged if the lulu team has some respect and commitments towards customers concerns and satisfaction.
Failing to get a positive response from your side would prompt me to raise a Complaint at the court.

Hoping to get a Positive reply from Your Team,
I hereby attach pictures of the Invoice and damage made on the t-shirt.

Thanking You,
Abrar Haroon
India, Kerala, Cochin

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