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I have been staying in Bahrain for almost 17 years. I have taken a Loyola Educational Plan last 8 years ago. I have given them the post dated cheques as the full payment of the educational plan for my daughter, which I thought the best way to get rid of the hassles of monthly remittance surcharge. Since then I have not heard from LPCI (Loyola Plans Consolidated Inc.) and I have been thinking that all I have to do is to wait for the maturity date for availment.

The time has come when I have asked Loyola Plans Consolidated Inc. for my full payment certificate and availment. They have informed me that I have been a delinquent payer and my educational plan was permanently cancelled. After several investigations, I have found out that one cheque was not encashed by LPCI which made my educational plan lapsed for several years. After paying more than P100, 000 Pesos, my educational plan has been permanently cancelled due to the missing cheque of 13, 000 Pesos.

Although the fault is from their negligence in handling the payment, they should have informed me through my address, telephone no and e-mail address. However, they have just kept quiet and let my educational plan lapsed. And up to now, I have difficulty in retrieving what I have paid as pre-need for my daughter’s educational assistance simply because I am in Bahrain. They have ignored my request to pay the missing 13, 000 Pesos to avail the P300, 000 Pesos educational assistance for my daughter and no action has been taken till now.

I am looking for several ways to raise this complain up to the higher management of LPCI and help me to avail the educational assistance for my daughter.

education plan permanent cancellation without notice


  • Lu
    Ludivert Solomon Sep 01, 2011


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  • Ge
    gemma ganahon Aug 03, 2012

    I am already fully paid my educational plan here in cagayan deoro city, I want to ask my certificate of full payment, I visited loyolaoffice here they said that the certificate of full payment of my educational plan of my daughter janine ganahon wasalready forwarded to the head office of loyola in manila, now i want to request my certificate of full payment be back again here in cagayan de oro city..I am looking forward to your immediate response regarding this mattter... thankyou very much.. Gemma U. Ganahon. Cagayan De Oro City.

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  • Yv
    Yvonne T. Pontillas Aug 29, 2012

    My name is yvonne trasmonte -pontillas. I was supposed to get the check of twenty five thousand pesos (P25, 000.00) for my son, Vince Jason T. Pontillas educational plan on November 2011 from Cagayan de Oro branch. But I was not able to. Today, I called Cagayan de Oro branch and inquired. I was told to call 02813 0905 to inquire but the line is always busy. Please I need a reply from Loyola Educational Plan where I could get my check. Thank you very much.

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  • An
    Annabelle Dabay Sep 05, 2012

    My name is Annabelle Dabay, for 3 yrs of my sons' educ. availment had no issues but when Olongapo branch was closed I'm advised to open a Bank account either in BDO or BPI for the check bank transfer . So I open an account in BDO. When I called in Quezon city branch, i was instructed to fax all the requirements for money transfer but there's no response. I called back again. I was advised to open an account for BPI. I did not open, why do I need to re-open another account. I called up again, they told me to that the check is already sent back to Makati. I have have follow-up calls but always busy. I would like clear answer from Loyola Educ. Plan to get the last sem. check and for this coming semester. I would like to get the checks for the 2 semesters in one time . I'm looking forward that this matter will be given immediate action.

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  • Do
    dondon arreglo May 17, 2013

    This is don from cebu city. As i read this thread, now i realize that this issue in loyola is very rampant cos we have exactly the same problems here. we paid in full and after all we haven't received a certificate of full payment just because of those stupid reasons. our receipts are intact as a proof that we are fully paid already for 5 years. but suddenly something went wrong they informed us that one cheque was missing for some reasons. the man incharged named Reggie kept on promising us that he is working on it until 8 years passed, nothing happend. we are supposed to claim my insurance for 100k last 2009 but all we got is this misery caused by this ### people embezzled the hard earned money by my parents. we feel unjustified for this. I hope somebody can help us out here.

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  • Ev
    evamie pogoy May 23, 2013

    i am evamie pogoy and i have my loyola educational plan . My parents had already the certificate of full payment about the educational plan here in Ormoc City but their office here can't be found anymore that we are now going to avail the educational plan. where to look for compensation? we wanted now the justice as soon as possible because i am going to enroll in college by nxtweek .:(

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  • Vi
    virgie anana Jul 06, 2013

    my name is virgie anana the educational of my dauther have been not released in this yr.what will i do so can that the money realesed imidtiley hope that the branch of loyola educational plan in cagayan was realeased in this month. if tha money will not realesed i will go to the bomboo radyo station .beacuse how many month that i wait.

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  • Lo
    Lora Sian Jul 17, 2013

    I am Lora Sian from Bacolod City Negross Occidental, I am waiting the my maturity date for my son Lorenz Sian I sign already for the checked deposit dated july 13 until now i am still waiting, I toke this plan at zero age but i found out it takes 1 yr and 7 months supposed to be when my son started in his college i can get the check because that was they told me..To much late but I am still consider it as a cercumstanses <Maybe.

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  • Le
    Legaspino Dec 15, 2013





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  • Ru
    rusal Mar 06, 2014

    I never received my cheque it was due last July 2013.

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  • Ra
    Ramil Feliciano Mar 16, 2014

    Ako po si Ramil G Feliciano bakit po wala pa tseke namin dapat first week pa ng February 16 March 2014 na

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  • Ma
    Maribeth B.Pablo Apr 01, 2014

    Ako po c Maribeth B.Pablo..full payment na ako sa educational plan ng dalawa kong anak pero diko pa na kuha ang full payment certificate ko dahil nandito ako sa hongkong.paanu ko po makuha ito..

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  • Ma
    Maribeth B.Pablo Apr 01, 2014

    Ako c Maribeth B.Pablo..fullpayment na po ako sa educational plan ng dalawa kong anak pero diko pa natanggap ang full payment certifiacate ko..

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  • Di
    Diwane Tadtad Apr 08, 2014

    ako po si Diwane Tadtad .. magtatanong po sana ako about sa educational plan ko. Fully paid na po kasi ako tapos wala pa pong certificate o kulang pa ang resibo na pinapadala sakin . Kailan po nnyo mapapadala ?

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  • Ma
    Mariebel P. Bernardo Apr 30, 2014

    The main reason why we avail of your Loyola Educational Plan is to support our children's education, that is, cheques should be available on time for their enrollment periods. We don't understand why should the release of these cheques be delayed for this coming school year 2014-2015? Your Makati office staff told us that the delay was due to something like about "money laundering". I can't find any connection or violation in the Republic Act No. 9160 and 10365 also known as Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001 which states about the "35 days" that your office staff is telling us. Moreso, if this delay in your issuance of our cheques is REALLY RELATED to this 'Anti-Money Laundering Act', in which section of the said law was it covered and why did you not inform us ahead?

    In our case, your Makati office staff told us that our cheques will be available on June 2, 2014. Said date is already school opening!!! We've tried so hard to get our kids' educational plan so that we wont worry anymore when enrollment time comes. But what is happening now? Where do we get money for their enrollment in May when it will be available still in June?

    CAlling the attention of Mr. Christopher Puyat Concepcion? Can you PLEASE help us on this matter?

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  • Ra
    Rachel C. Mamites May 07, 2014

    I am Rachel C. Mamites and I would like to follow up my educational claim for this school year 2014-2015. I am suppose to receive it last January 2014 but until now I haven't receive it. I've been calling your office the davao branch since January but no response yet.
    I am hoping for your immediate action on this matter.

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  • Ca
    camille francisco Jun 08, 2014

    ako po si camille francisco, naghulog po ang mama ko ng 3 years lng po pero dpat 5 years dpo nya ntapos ..cnu po b pwedeng kontakin or ano po dapat gawen ? may mkukuha pa po ba kmi .sana po matulungan nyo kmi .. thanks po

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  • Ar
    Arlyn Dizon Jun 09, 2014

    I am Arlyn Dizon from Tarlac I would like to follow up my educational check for this school year 2014-2015. I am suppose to receive it last April 30 2014 but until now I haven't receive it. I've been calling to your office in Dagupan branch since April but no response yet and also to main office in Makati no one can answer to.
    I am hoping for your immediate action on this matter.

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  • Bo
    BossNass Jaculini Jun 10, 2014

    so to prevent this mess Loyola have to pay their clients for them to satisfy their needs as well as an assistance for educational plan... do not be the same as what happened to CAP Insurance.

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  • Al
    Allan Cordova Jun 11, 2014

    Hi Loyola Plans Cebu,

    I visited your office at 4/F Cebu Holding Center Cebu Business Park last first week of March 2014 to claim my Educational Plan for my daughter. One of your Staff, Mr. Chris Lumapat, told me to fill up an Updating Form to update my existing record from your database. At first, I told him that I did not change anything from my current status so there was no need to update. He then told me that I cannot get my Cheque if I do not follow the Updating process which would require 35 working days to complete. I then told him that why did you not make an announcement to all your plan-holders in advance that you are going to update our records? Is this a delaying tactic? I ask myself, what kind of updating is this when if they had an application tool from their website, it would only take few minutes to update online. He then told me that after 35 working days, I would received a confirmation from Loyola that an updating is done and my cheque would be delivered subsequently. I did receive a confirmation and made some follow ups from their phone numbers but all of it were so busy probably because I am not alone who are facing in this situation and that there are many out there who are the silent majority. I tried to text them and one of them responded that my Cheque has not yet arrive. What happen to the scheduling of Cheques? We had an agreement that you will deliver it every First Week of March. What is really happening inside? I supposed to use my Cheque for the enrollment of my daughter for this school year but so sad that my trust towards your promises were deeply affected. May the Lord enlighten us all to tell the real truth behind this delays.

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  • De
    deseree t abraham Jun 27, 2014

    I' m Deseree T. Abraham from tuguegarao city.. Until now im still waiting for my certificate of full payment, and i would like to know what happened tO your office located in tuguegarao city? Please sir / madam, sana starting last january tatanggap na ng allowance yong anak ko pero wala pang natatanggap till now. Nagtiwala kami sa inyo para sa kinabukasan ng anak namin sana tuparin nyo naman ang mga pangako nyo. im looking forward to your Immediate response to this matter isa po akong Demostic heLper eto po ang email ko [email protected]

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  • Zo
    Zoella Starr Cabuco Jun 30, 2014

    We're also experiencing the same problem with Loyola Educational Plans. First, they did not inform me that my son's plan had already matured 3 years ago. Secondly, they have not been depositing the money in my account. I have inquired on how to take action against Loyola Plan and I learned that we can file a complaint to the Insurance Commission. Here is the link---http://www.insurance.gov.ph/.

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  • Ba
    baraclan Jul 18, 2014

    My grandmother have educational plan we must have our check on march 2014, but until now our check is not yet been procces what was wrong in your company?
    We must need it soon because we have so many paymnets to do...please make it fast with process thier.

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  • An
    annie rose t. insigne Sep 14, 2014

    My name is Rowelito T. Insigne anak ko po si ALLAN ROY TULAYLAY INSIGNE...gud evening po pwede po ba follow up ung educational plan...po namin mtagal po natigil ung ang pghulog ...pwede po b nmin mkuha contact para sa more information about this.

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  • Sh
    shalenevan Oct 13, 2014

    i graduated in four years degree. but i coudnt claim or use my educational plan support from loyola. what will i do? how do i claim it? please i need your help.

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  • Ju
    Jun Baluran Nov 12, 2014

    Gud afternoon, just to inquire the educational plan of my son, Emmanuel Porferio V. Baluran III for the 2nd semester of 2014 - 2015. This is his mother, Manuela Baluran. Thanks.

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  • Rh
    RHEA GUIMPOL Dec 27, 2014

    I have completed my payment long time ago and had been receiving cheques before but this year is totally different... my cheque was supposedly due last August 2014 and until now wala pang balita. My sister is constantly in touch with these people but no clear answer to when they will release it. They said to follow up in Toledo City, Cebu and back and forth in Cebu Business Park.
    Please pinaghirapan din naming makabayad so it is our turn. Please give it to us on time Para walang maabala.

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  • El
    Elenita A. Kadusale Jan 11, 2015

    I have already fully paid the educational plan of my son for 5 years in which the contract date is April 13, 2005. My son is now a First Year College. I have processed papers for the 1st release of the check which is 25, 000.00 last May 2014 but sad to note that until this time-its already 2nd semester, I haven't received any form Loyola.

    Please I need a reply and the money for my son's tuition fee.

    Maralag, Tanjay, Negros Oriental
    Contract No.-10301006

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  • Pi
    Pinky Laysa Jan 22, 2015

    I am also experiencing difficulty in getting the last tranche of benefit amounting to P25, 000 for my husband's LESI plan. It's useless trying to call as the numbers (840-5644 / 817-2452 / 0925-3004630) are always busy or nobody answers when one finally got through. Try emailing the following with your complaints: (1) Nora Pacis email address: [email protected]" (2) Nimfa Escartin email address: [email protected] (3) Gina Ibarreta email address: [email protected] and lastly (4) Insurance commission email address: [email protected]

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  • Ge
    gemini girl Jan 26, 2015

    email man o tawag sa main office nyo di man lang masagot mga katanungan ko anong klaseng compony ya, pag kukuha na ng benefits pahirapan na saman talang kung bayaran mabilis pa sa kidlat madelay lang ng ilang araw may penalty kaagad eh kayo delay na nga pahirapan pa sa pagkuha.gising naman kayo dina makaulit ang tao kung ganyan patakaran nyo

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  • Gi
    Gilda A. Divinagracia Mar 29, 2015

    This is an inquiry on educational plan of my son (Louie Phillip A. Divinagracia) which was fully paid. OR and CERTIFICATE is with me as proof and basis of complete payment done. It was noted in the contract that in the year in 2017 the educational plan will be used by this time for his tuition fee, however, I must report to your office six months before the classes starts. I have been paying the education plan until it was fully paid in Cagayan de Oro City since 2001 until 2006. Presently, I knew that Loyola office has been transferred to Davao City. Do I need to visit Davao City? Please provide complete address and advise soon.
    Thank you so much,
    Gilda A. Divinagracia
    Phillips, Bukidnon

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  • Sh

    Same here, I visited your office at 4/F Cebu Holding Center Business Park last May 2014, the staff Lily and Lynette accommodated me, I came home to complete all requirements for the Educational plan I purchased that will mature in June 2014. I was told that the first cheque of P75, 000.00 will be ready in a couple of months but until now (which is already April 2015), I haven't received yet the first payment.
    I purchase this plan thinking that it will help my niece to go to college, but what a BIG disappointment!!!
    My sister who lives in Negros Oriental, who is the one in-charge to follow-up the cheque keeps on calling the three (3) landline numbers of Loyola Cebu to no avail, NOBODY would pick up the calls, she went there personally a couple of times ONLY to be told that the cheque hasn't arrive yet. It is hard for me to follow-up since I live abroad.
    What kind of a company is this, thinking it is owned and managed by a reputable Puyat clan?
    Mr. Puyat, be kind enough to give back what you owed to us. That money was a hard-earned money! I paid my obligations before on time for 4 years, never had I lapsed or late with my remittance, but why are you treating me/us this way?
    My sister told me that a lot of people are complaining to your office in person, to the extent of almost losing their patience, crying, but still, you never cared to do actions the right way!
    I don't care what reasons you give me/us with the late payments, I don't care about the Money Laundering Act...it is your obligation to pay us back! Money is so hard these days, I work hard day and night to survive abroad, so PLEASE have a heart to pay us on time, afterall, that is my/our money.
    I am thinking of seeking help from DTI if this problem won't be straightened out. I have friends from DTI I can seek help with if there is NO ACTIONS!
    Thank you and hoping for a speedy result, GOD Bless!
    Shirley Tiu-McLaughlin

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  • Jo
    jocelyn somontan Apr 06, 2015

    loyola plans for educational services..please cooperate wd your customers.. we respect you..pls respect also our questions and concerns.. check issues are very late..

    1 Votes
  • Si
    Sid E. Apr 22, 2015

    LOYOLA Plans as a company have a PAYMENT DISORDER nowadays!!!
    Its a sad FACT that we had trusted and invested on a company that we hoped to be a "sanctuary" of our financial needs in the future but proved to be otherwise - an added HEADACHE, a HEARTBURN!!!
    All LOYOLA Plan Holders with cases of late payment & similar cases can file a complaint at the Office of the Insurance Commission.
    Address the letter to Insurance Commissioner EMMANUEL DOOC.
    Attached all proof of documents regarding your claim and submit (or bring) it to the address:
    1071 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila
    Follow this link to check their website. http://www.insurance.gov.ph/index.asp
    You can call their numbers and ask for assistance regarding your matter. I JUST DID!

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  • Ch
    Chelai May 04, 2015

    Good afternoon! October 2014 pa ako nag-fo-follow up sa Loyola Office, Lucena City branch para sa educational claim ng son ko. All requirements needed for the said claims eh na-forward na sa office nila last October 2014 pa c/o Ms. Dorcas. Since then every other day na akong nag-fofollow up sa kanila, then sabi nila January 2015 daw, wala pa rin, nagpunta na ako sa office nila last March 27, they told me na Holy week daw, wala pa rin. Nagpa-received na ako ng formal letter sa claims eh wala pa ring action. Then twice a week pa rin akong nag-fo-follow up then April 30, 2015 daw acc to Ms. Dorcas and Ms. Marie, eh May 4, 2015 na ngayon, wala pa rin. Nagpapunta ako sa office nila today eh i-fo-follow up pa daw sa Head Office. Siguro naman sa ilang follow up na merun na sana. Ang sa akin lang naman magbigay sila ng sure na date if when makukuha ung check, hindi nag-aaksaya ng panahon at pamasahe pagpunta sa office nila para sa mga nabigay nilang dates para sa claims.

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  • To
    tonlisbo May 07, 2015

    To whom it may concern,
    I am Antonio Lisbo from iloilo city, and i am asking where to claim our educational plan for my daughter. I had completed the payment for the educational plan but i did not receive a certificate of completion. How can we claim our educational plan?

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  • Da
    Daisy Marcella May 08, 2015

    Ako po si Daisy Marcella nagpunta po ako sa branch office sa makati noong january 2015 para i file un papers ko to collect my check sabi nila by march daw tawagan ko sila for comfirmation pero hanggang ngayon wala parin tapos hindi ko na sila macontact by phone..pls help po inaasahan ko po kasi para sa pag aaral ng anak ko ang hirap naman inaasahan ko na malaking tulong sana sa akin, , pero laking disappointment hanggang ngayon wala pa rin linaw kung matatanggap ko.. pagud at pawis ang pinuhunan ko dito sa singapore para sa paln na ito na sana malaking tulong sa akin..salamat po and GOD BLESS PO..

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  • Ev
    evelyn royos May 14, 2015

    Hi this is Evelyn A. Royos, plan owner, , subject: Education cash claim, for this year 2015 when will you send it to us? we need it badly for enrollment, , I hope for your immediate response, thank you

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  • Pi
    Pissed off 19 May 26, 2015

    Enrollment na po, bigay nyo na yung pera para sa amin naman talaga, tagal na binayaran, baby pa lang pamangkin ko naumpisahan nang maghulog sa inyo, tagal ng kumpleto bayad namin, naka graduate na ng HS lahat lahat di nyo maibigay pang tuition ng college? Ano namang klaseng company ito. June na po meaning pasukan na di pa nakaka enroll yung bata sa kolehiyo sayang naman ang taon dahil sa kapabayaan nyo di makakapag aral ang bata? Maawa naman po kayo kabukasan ng tao sinisira nyo sa ganitong palakad nyo. Kailangan pa bang idala sa media bago kayo umaksyon? Ibigay nyo na po pera Namin

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  • Ma
    Mary Jane M. Antolino May 31, 2015

    Good Morning this Mrs. Mary Jane M. Antolino from Antique, I would like to ask if when is the schedule of my availment. It is now in my 2nd year and the date of maturity was May 15 dapat naka pasok na yon sa account ko and the enrollment is now going on. We badly need the said amount for the tuition fee of our son. Is it true that as of now the Loyola Plan is facing problem with its trustee bank? We want an immediate answer to this, because as Planholders we also need to be informed because it is our money and you have gain from it. We want an immediate answer this. You can contact me to this number 09162695067. If we cannot receive reply to this maybe it is high time to us planholders to take legal action.

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