LongHorn Steakhouseundercooked food


My husband and I are frequent customers to the Longhorn restaurant in Stroudsburg Pa 18360. We were there yesterday (101117 at 1:50pm We walked in ahead of an older couple . Joanna was there she was our waitress on oher occasions, ahe was ill and told us she was leaving. We waited QUITE a awhile for any kind of service, finally the waitress came and took our orders my husband ordered a WELLDONE steak no seasoning and i ordered a hamburger with NO onions plain and well done and fries. WE waited and waited I questioned a ladIy i think was the afternoon manager where our food was I stated the older couple sitting across from us(they were the couple that came AFTER us) had received their food and the waitress had asked them if they wanted dessert where as we didn't even get our food yet. So she told us she would check on our order I saw her come out of the kitchen area and she went the other way away from us! We waited some more and finally our food came. My hamburger was NOT well done and it had ONION cheese tomato on it I ordered it plain and well done. My husband's steak was worse than that. The juice and blood was swimming all over the plate he said to the waitress "Wait I want to make sure it is well done" Well guess what it was blood red inside. How absolutely appalling to have your food not cooked and your french fries overcooked and swimming in blood! It was awful. We walked out and did NOT eat anything . I think they forgot about us and then rushed the order because I asked about it. Please inform the district manager or whoever oversees this restaurant and the cook and staff should be retrained on food service. This was totally unaccepatable!
Susan A. Mazu203 State Street
Mt. Bethel, Pa. 18343
(570)871-822There is my home phone number if any additional information is needed
Susan Mazur

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