Long & Foster Real Estatebeing kept in dark by my own agent

S Oct 23, 2019

This complaint is for the agent "Bill Pazdersky".
This man is appointed as an agent from Long & Foster to facilitate the sale of my property in Grasonville, MD. I am the owner of the property and I am to pay his fees. I am divorced 3 years ago and want to buy back my house back. The asking price he set for the house without an appraisal is 275K.

He listed the property on Oct 14 2019. The property has NO "FOR SALE" sign posted to date?
There are no inside pictures of the property posted?
When showing the property one bedroom is locked? you cannot see?

He rushed me from day 1 to make an offer - hurry up - hurry up we will make the final decision in a couple days? After several arguments on the phone he retracted that "its ok you have time" I asked him where did he get that time idea? he wouldn't answer.

There was an offer made for the property he would not tell me the figure? I worked with my bank to re-fi made an offer of 250K. I did not hear back from him for 3 days? I involved my attorney to find out. My attorney said there was an offer of 265K he is going with.

As soon as I found out I worked with my bank and sent him a confirmed new offer of 275K. I e-mailed him and texted him? Once again no response for 3 days? I asked my attorney to find out once again.
I get a call from Bill "I've told you we're going with the other offer"!

I said since day 1 you were first rushing me now you would not confirm anything when there is a higher offer you texted me and e-mailed you have "higher offer" again not saying what the offer is?? I said my attorney confirmed you have the offer of 265K I counter with 275K emailed you and texted you?

Bill said " As I've told you we're going with the other offer" I said what about my higher offer? why would you go with 265 when I am paying 275? Bill said "I have no idea what you are talking about"?

This man is a racist if the other party is Caucasian. As there is no other reason for this behavior and attitude?

If you're a person of color please stay away from this man Bill Pazderski he goes by "PAZ".

I will be going to the local head office and making the complaint in person. This man should not be selling and collecting fees.

Now I will have to spend money go to court and appoint someone else to sell my house and he does not get a penny from me.

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