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Like the others, I hired Long Fence because they are a large company and I thought I would get professional high quality service. I hired them for 3 jobs on 3 contracts - fence, deck and patio/driveway for my DC rowhouse.

All signed in June/July 2007 and I am still waiting for the patio to be done correctly. The fence was okay although didn't meet spec. I was supposed to have an arched gate not a flat gate. The deck was done twice I think. The first time they installed it with wood posts despite the fact that the contract said iron posts. It took 4 weeks for the issue to be resolved after several phone calls and them finally admitting to the mistake. While on vacation the repairs were made. We noticed that several boards on the deck must have been removed and replaced since the boards do not sit as flush as they did the first time.

The patio is the disaster. I wanted a patio/driveway combo where I could park my car if I needed to get it off the street. Most of the time we would use the area as a patio. So I wanted it level and the contract says to make the patio at "alley elevation" with "step down" and "retaining wall". Well they installed the driveway/patio on a slope. Long Fence denies the wording of the contract, the sales rep has failed to be honest about the intent of the wording. Despite the fact that I am a 4 times repeat customer Long Fence seems to think I am trying to deceive them rather than work with me to fix the problem. So now I am waiting and waiting for Long Fence to reevaluate the situation and propose a solution.

Like everyone else I am sick of calling and calling and calling. My sales rep was Larry Enten -- be careful with contracts written by him. Make sure you can read the contract and that it says exactly what you want. Vicky in customer service is okay but her attitude is the customer is wrong. She doesn't return phone calls well at all.

Maybe I can write back later with a happy ending to this.


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Sep 06, 2017 9:37 am EDT

So let me start by naming names. My sales/site survey guy is Nick F. his boss is Berry K. and Berry K's boos is Mike R. They all display poor customer service. Now that we have established who these guys are let's begin. Ok so I was scheduled fro a site survey but Nick didn't show. So I called him and he forgot. Ok no problem things happen, so we rescheduled. When the time came for my survey Nick asked me could I push him up earlier (RED FLAG). So I agreed to push our time up because I was excited to finally get this done. When we met he told me I had to change my neighbor's gate because we shared a fence. I agreed and I told him that I was an 8 ft fence. He told me that I should be ok with a 6ft so I said give me an estimate for both. Ok so 3 weeks past with no update so I called him. He said he has the estimate but not on him and that he would get back to me. 4 days past still no word from Nick! So I called him and he apologized and said that he will call me back with the estimate which he finally did. So during that conversation I decided to go with the 6ft fence and set up an date for the first payment. We agreed on a date and time and ended the conversation. Now here is where I should have said goodbye to the agreement. So the date comes up for me tm meet and pay him and HE NEVER SHOWS! So I call his boss Berry and said I am not going to beg you guys to take my money. He apologized and ensured me Nick would handle this and that he was reliable. Now guess who calls? You got it Nick. He apologizes again and we set a date and time to meet again which he kept. Now here comes the installation issue. So the guys show up but I wasn't home and I didn't think I need to be because they just needed access to the back yard. Well come to find out they also need to use my power WTF! So I rescheduled and took time off of work so these guys can use my power. Now during the installation I notice that a certain area was not being covered so I asked the installation guy what was up and he told me he is following the measurements for the site survey guy (Nick). Here we go again so I contact Berry which in turn he contacted Nick. I guess he was passing me along because he didn't want to personally deal with me. So Nick shows up and asked the guys to correct the mistake but guess what? They only have enough materials to complete this job based on Nicks measurements AGAIN WTF! So Nick had them pre drill the holes for the installation and he told me that they will return with the material. A Week past and still no word from Nick or Berry. So I call Berry and explained to him that this is unacceptable. He apologized again and told me Nick would get back to me. So Nick called me later that day and wanted me to meet him so that we can get this sorted out. When I meet him he hands me a contract with a bill for $200 by this time I am fuming. I refuse to sign and asked for his boss's boss which he told me his name was Mike. I called Mike and he was in disbelief meaning he didn't believe that Nick mad a mistake and that I was making this stuff up. Finally I got him to believe me and got a call from Berry which in turn lead him to the same conclusion that I am making this up. So after sending him pictures of the installation he finally believed me and told me that they will swallow the cost and that he will contact me next week with an install date and this is where we are at today. I will be contacting a lawyer about this.

May 02, 2019 7:53 am EDT
Replying to comment of CJ2308

I’m currently being threatened with litigation from long, Would you like to forward your attorneys info to me? I’m looking into starting a class action suit against long and put this company out of business so they can no longer terrorize consumers. Thanks,
[email protected]

Apr 02, 2016 2:23 pm EDT

I have a Long Fence patio that has been nothing but trouble. Long Fence came an repaired it once and then when the problem occurred again, they told me that I would have to pay for them to fix it again. The reason that I got the patio in the first place is because the salesman told me that it would be there for life, so he wouldn't recommend that I install the decking that I wanted to install. My house sits on a hill and the ground washes away. I asked for a deck so that it would be off of the ground; but was sold a patio. Well now it is loose and dangerous. I am going to repair it myself and show Long Fence how a girl does it.

Dec 26, 2007 12:00 am EST

Installers cut the irrigation system pipe and refuse to pay repair costs.

Apr 29, 2010 6:02 pm EDT

I contracted to have a fence built by Long fence. They told me that they would contact me and let me know when the job will start. To this day, 3 weeks later, I have yet to hear from them. I want to warn you, while I still try to get a fence built, do not use these people. They have NO people skills. They will tell you ANYTHING to get the sale. We have contacted them twice and each time they tell us the fence will be finished by a certain date, Those dates come and go with not one single call from the company. DO NOT USE LONG FENCE. DO NOT USE LONG FENCE. I hope that, what we are going, does not happen to you.

Jun 05, 2009 2:16 pm EDT

I work for Long Fence and Home and wanted to share some real customer feedback we've received recently:

• Dorothy S. from Great Falls, Virginia said:
“Salesman was very explicit and thorough in his demonstration of the windows. Very persuasive indeed. Good personality. Friendly and patient… So far no problem with the installed windows. Will do business with you again.”

• Barbara G. from Laurel, Maryland said:
“This serves as a compliment to your staff and the quality of work recently done to my kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Let me first say that I was very impressed with the professionalism, patience, and knowledge of the products that were offered to me. The sales representative was very detailed and specific during his presentation, I never felt like he was after a sale. The presentation made me want to remodel at this time…The installers did an excellent job cleaning up after the job was done. However, what most impressed me was the job was done less than the estimated time. I am extremely pleased with the work done to my kitchen. I will definitely recommend Long Fence and Home to family, friends, and co-workers. I also plan to get windows and doors from Long fence and home at a later date. ”

• Ignatius P. from Clinton, Maryland said:
“The installers arrived before time (which was a plus). They were professional and courteous and got the job done when they said they would do it. They explained how the product worked and advised I could contact the office at any time if something went wrong or were to happen. I must say that I was a bit leery seeing we had other contractors come in to do what was supposed to be a professional job but Long Fence and home out them all to shame. We love our new windows and have already recommended the product to family and friends. Thanks for setting such a high bar in customer service and satisfaction.”

• Nancy E. from Reston Virginia said:
“My experience with Long Kitchens was incredible. From the design consultant to the installers the selection, installation, and cleanup was superb. All work was done absolutely on schedule with no surprises anywhere in the process. The quality of the oak cabinets, countertop, sink and faucet was better than I expected for the price. And I can’t say enough about the “face” of Long Kitchens….your people. They were pleasant, friendly, absolutely professional, and willing to do little extras such as raising my counters an inch to conform with existing appliances. Just a pleasure to do business with your company”

• Catherine B. from Arlington, Virginia, said:
“I was very impressed and pleased with the entire process. On the same day I called to check on the status of my broken window. The salesperson came by on the evening (worked with my schedule). He is smart, articulate, pleasant, knowledgeable and not pushy. I loved the doors he showed me. He did not pressure me...Did a fabulous job installing my door. I'm happy. Thanks.”

• Jaheen T. from Crofton, Maryland said:
“Great experience from start to finish. From our first meeting to the clean-up of the installation team it was a pleasurable experience. Our windows have helped to make our home a cocoon protected from the outside world.”


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