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My fiance purchased my engagement ring from aka LK Jewelry Designs.
When we received the ring, we found 3 problems with it which we documented and contacted the company on the 1st of January to have it repaired (flattened prong, spacing issue, and setting holes had metal sticking through). They told us on January 2nd to send the ring back and it would be repaired. We sent it back and we had to pay for the shipping. We received it back January 22nd after supposed repair, but nothing had been fixed. We contacted the company again that day and told them nothing had been fixed, they said to send it back again (we paid for shipping both times) and Nathalie told us the ring would be remade. We sent it back again. When we got it back for the second time (after it was supposed to be remade) on February 22nd only one of the 3 problems had been repaired (the metal sticking out of the setting holes). The ring was not remade, it was the same ring. We contacted the company immediately on February 22nd, but this time they did not respond. I gave them ample time to respond, but they did not. I contacted them again on March 7 and let them know that now a sidestone had fallen out of the ring. No response. I contacted them again on March 10th via email with no response again and my fiance called them with no answer and no returned phonecall. Finally after posting a negative review about the company in a jewelry forum on March 11th I got an email from Nathalie telling me to contact Jacques who was in charge of repairs. That same day I forwarded him all my unanswered emails. He responded telling me that I was "harassing them" that I was "discourteous" and that they saw my review on the forum and would sue me for defamation if I did not remove the post. I have been nothing but polite and understanding with this company, and I have saved all my emails back and forth with them, there has been nothing harassing or discourteous in any of my correspondences. We have been left with a terrible quality ring, and no response from this company.

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      Nov 02, 2011

    I had almost the exact same situation happen with LK Jewelry. I h ad to pay to have my ring sent in was crap, the worst job ever on having a ring made. I was shocked at how poor the quality was. After a while they just ignored my emails just like you and never responded to correct the problem. I would NEVER order from them again. What you see online from their site it NOTHING like what you actually get and I recommend never having anything made by them...terrible quality.

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      Nov 05, 2011

    I purchased a ring from LK Jewelry in March 2011. It was supposed to be sized to a 5, but no sizing had been done on the ring - my jeweler told me it was a size 6. He also told me there was a diamond missing from the band. When I contacted LK Jewelry about resolving these problems, I was told I could return the ring and for $138 and $25 shipping, they would fix the problems. They were going to charge me, when these issues had to do with their own mistakes and negligence. I will never purchase another item from them, and if you want quality and good customer service, I recommend to anyone considering buying their goods to think twice.

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      Dec 14, 2012

    They are a terrible company and i urge all potential buyers to steer clear of LK Jewelry! They are a SCAM company with shoddy goods and poor workmanship

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  • Please get in contact via email; [protected] if you would like to give a statement. we are having to get a solicitor involved as LK jewelry have robbed us of over $3, 000. This is a scam, and you money will be stolen. Do not listen to Jacques, Natalie or Xiomara. These are the worst kind of people I have ever dealt with.

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      Jun 26, 2013


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      Nov 24, 2013

    I purchased a micro pave Engagement ring for my fiance, it has 6 side stones, after just 3 months of carefully use, one of the side stones fell out. We were not able to find the stone, completely lost. I emailed the LK, I was told that it could be replaced about $75.00 plus shipping charges. I was like what??? Only three months and a stone falls out and you will not honor a repair for faulty mount and or workmanship? Jacques got back with, the rings go through a three step test. Whatever, I had it repaired locally, and had the prongs checked on at a reputable diamond store.
    Stay away, unles you want to take a chance on a nice ring that may have issues and substandard customer service.

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      Oct 31, 2014

    i bought three rings engagement, band, and mens band. paid $7000. had nothing but issues . all rings broke, spacing issues, cracks, stone fell out of the engagement ring. had to send them back twice (nightmare). sent the wrong sizes. please please please avoid this company. if not you will learn the hard way!!

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      Dec 06, 2019

    IF YOU VALUE YOUR JEWELRY - AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I worked with Nathalie, the owner, when they advertised on Etsy and purchased a Moissanite ring. I asked her if she was able to design a ring for a large blue topaz that belonged to my father and to his uncle before him. We live out of state but I had lived in FL (the location of their store) and was familiar with the area and the mall they are situated in. I sent the stone to her, a 12x10 oval, and several white topaz stones to use as accents via express mail (with insurance) and waited anxiously for my ring to be completed. I paid over $500 for the design and for 14kt white gold alone even though I had provided the center stone and the accent stones.

    Although I had exchanged several emails with her explaining that I wanted, with pictures, (an east/west setting), she sent the ring out to me without sending me a picture first - even though I had requested one. When I received it, the ring had not been set as an east/west stone it also had not stamp indicating that it was 14kt gold. When I brought this to her attention, she said she "thought it would look more feminine" the way her setter had mounted it and that sometimes her setter forgets to stamp the rings. What??? What professional jeweler allows a ring to go out without the kt stamp AND overrides your design because of HER opinion?

    Amicably, I told her that I had paid over $500 for an east/west setting and she agreed to have it reset. I once again sent the ring to her at my expense.

    When I received it, the oval mounting was still a vertical mounting - they had simply taken out the stone and switched its direction but at least the ring was stamped as 14kt gold.

    I was walking around my house a couple of weeks later when I happen to pick something up and realized that my father's stone had fallen out of the setting. My father has recently passed away and I am his only child. The stone, which has been in his family for generations, is not monetarily expensive BUT, it meant the world to me! Something she and I had discussed numerous times.

    It was then that I examined the setting and realized they had not replaced it to accommodate an east/west stone and had simply loosened the prongs and changed the direction of the stone only. I spent three agonizing hours on my hands and knees looking for the stone through tear-swollen eyes! Finally, I spotted it on the kitchen floor - it was such a close call that my whole body was shaking.

    I reached out to Nathalie who asked me to send the ring back and she would have it fixed. Once again, the ring went back via FedEx at my expense, for repair.

    I received it back promptly. No more than 3 weeks later, an accent stone fell out! I took pictures and emailed them to her. I then called her and left a voicemail. I emailed her several times after that to no avail.

    Finally, she responded to my email saying that she would repair my ring after the holidays because they were too busy. Too busy to repair a ring that they set haphazardly and that I paid good money for?

    By this time I'd had enough and requested, at the very least, a 50% refund so that I could have the whole mounting redone and have the lost stone replaced locally. I emailed her, called their business line, called her cellphone and have not received a response.

    Their website and store front may look high end BUT, their workmanship is shabby and their customer service is non-existent!

    If you value jewelry you pay good money for - stay away! If you want a guarantee that someone will provide customer service in the event you have a problem with your piece - stay away! However, IF you don't mind purchasing a ring with loose prongs and risking its loss - then by all means buy your engagement or other jewelry piece at LKJewelry Designs...just remind the salesperson that a gold piece needs to be stamped as such and that prongs need to be tightened. It's Jewelry 101!

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