Living Socialnexus 6


In China, All Android phone without Google service, I'm a fan of Google, So I bought 2 Nexus 6 32GB smart phone from

When I received the smartphones, I found that they are both used, and one of them the package was not original, both smartphones are customized for AT&T version but not for regular retail version.

I contacted livingsocial (Request: [protected]), and they said I need return the phones for refunds, but they have not replied to me after I claimed that I had paid for the China's import fees and international shipping fees.

Now, I found livingsocial removed my account after I said I will file a PayPal dispute.

I have take following actions, still unresolv.

1.File a PayPal dispute, PayPal China's customer service said I will pay for the return shipping costs to U.S., This is not a result of an my error.

2.File a bbb complaint, but have not replied.

3.Contacted Illinois Attorney General (Protecting Consumers) and Submitted a consumer complaint online submission form, but have not replied.

4.Contacted PayPal U.S., but have not replied.

I really feel, protect consumers legal rights are too difficult in U.S.

I have already take too much time for this and I don't know what to do to solve the problem.

Any suggestions for resolve this issue? Thank you.

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