Little Shop Folderslack of little shop folders

J Sep 09, 2018

You have made so much money from "Little Shop" and you are not willing to supply any more Folders. You extended the promotion because you had more Minis so you should know you needed more folders. You never even tried to get more. Why not get more Folders now that its finishing? Very Very disappointed Coles.

You've lost me as a ongoing customer (I gave up and went back to Woolies) and this was your chance to win customers and you have now lost them to Aldi and Woolies. Look at your Facebook page and see the comments, 90% are Mini Shop complaints.

Definitely won't be doing the next one and way to expensive at $30. These were for my niece's. You have made THOUSANDS and don't care now.

I don't expect a reply unless you can get me a case!!!

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