Liquor Control Board of Ontarioservice

T Jul 21, 2019

On multiple occasions I have witnessed and had the opportunity it to have the harsh undermining rudeness of the young (20 to 21) man serve me and today was the final straw. I am a mystery shopper for many upscale businesses and managed a bank for years, this being said I was counting my money to give to him he rudely told me to put the money down, I said one sec I can count it out (my money to count to you; again I banked for years) he was rude and said just put it down, so I did. I then proceeded to say nice customer service to him and he said snotty, yup! The lady behind me got his eyes rolled at her when she had to get something around the shelf. His name is NOAH from 12300 yonge street richmond hill. I would let it slide but it is continual with him. Unsure if he thinks he is better than everyone or he is just blatantly ignorant and disrespectful. If I mystery shopped your store today and it was him there would be repercussions. He is rude to everyone and should be addressed about this manner. As the lcbo is to uphold customer service in a professional manner.
So Noah, I hope you smarten up before you lose a job that many would love yo have and treat others well.

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