Lingo, Inc.Fraud and scam


I switched my VOIP service from Lingo to Comcast in May. I attempted to make several phone calls to Lingo to cancel my account, but was never able to speak to a customer service rep. Instead I heard a voice message telling me that Lingo's voicemail box was full before my call was dropped.

At the end of May, I sent an e-mail to Lingo requesting that my account be canceled. This message was returned undeliverable. I got through in September to cancel and requested a credit for the months I had been charged since switching to Comcast. I was refused. I contacted American Express to file a dispute on the charges and was informed by my customer service rep that she had initiated the dispute and charged back $55.33 to Lingo for two of the service months in question. Within 24 hours Lingo sent me a 'Final Notice Prior to Placement with a Collection Service'.

My attempts to resolve this issue with Lingo have been refused. Customer service reps simply cite their policy that cancellations can be made only by phone. When I insisted I had made several attempts, I was informed that my claim was impossible since they have 24/7 customer support. I have requested my phone records from Comcast to support my claim. Even tonight I experienced the same voice message stating that the Lingo mailbox was full before my call was dropped.

Lingo has threatened to refer my case to collections if I don't pay within 10 business days. These charges are unfounded and I am resolved to fight to ensure my good credit rating and bring Lingo's business practices to light.


  • Ki
    kitzune Oct 17, 2008

    Dear Customer,

    We appreciate your business with Lingo, and hope that you are availing and enjoying all its benefits!

    We would like to inform you of updated terms and conditions of your Lingo service. Effective October 23, 2008, customers who cancel their Lingo service within 24 months of the activation date, will be subject to a $99.95 cancellation fee per account. To view Lingo’s Terms & Conditions, please visit and click on the Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of the page.

    Should you have any questions about the new term, please contact us at 1-888-LINGO-99.


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  • Cl
    clt_consumer Jan 21, 2009

    This company has some of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Aside from taking a fraud account and sending it to collection they have also never responded to multiple messages left with their fraud department and knowing full well that there was a fraud on the account continued to treat it as a valid account. The incompetence is off the charts. The only people I can get on the phone are in India and incapable of dealing with any non-script issues. I had never heard of the company prior to this fraud and will never deal with them.

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  • Cl
    clt_consumer Jan 21, 2009

    I need to amend my comments just a little. I finally got someone from the Fraud Department to call me and properly close the fraud account - but it took way too long and too much of my phone time - about 2 hours total plus emails to and from the collection agency. Someone else should comment on their core phone service. So I am at least neutral for now recognizing fraud is rampant on the Internet and they may be overwhelmed with those issues.

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  • Li
    Lingo_Customer Mar 01, 2009


    I agree with the person above. I have been fighting with the company over the wrong bills.
    1. First company put me in a plan NOT suitable for me, even though I had not applied for this plan. After 3 months of billing, I am still not getting ANY response from them.
    2. LINGO marketing people called us day and night till the time we did not shift to lingo. Now same people disconnect the phone once we tell them who we are.
    3. Four or five times we had complained and we were told that company will revert back. NOBODY called back.
    4. Need suggestion how to proceed

    Frustrated Lingo customer

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  • Ma
    madelynrose Nov 10, 2009

    I would just like to note on this example of what a mess that selfish scammers put our nation in, by beginning with stealing from innocent people. You work hard for the money they rightfully steal from you because of their large fonted unfulfilled promises, and the fine print that in actuality leaves you on hold with no one on the other end to care for your wasted time and wasted earned cash. I can assure you that although they won now, and think they're getting a way with it, Karma will be sure to do its job on them. I'm sorry to hear of your monetary loss and only hope for the best with the rest of your findings. Let this be a lesson about these filthy scams. I will be sure to rake as many as I can IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF "LINGO". I know this forum sure sent me running for the hills after I almost purchased from them to keep contact with my fiance who's overseas. Pathetic.

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  • Jo
    John Evans Dec 04, 2009

    If you are planning on getting Lingo or if you have had problems with Lingo PLEASE READ!!! Together we can make a difference.

    I have signed up for Lingo phone service in October 19th of this year. The plan I signed up for was Lingo World Max which cost 23.95. As the company advertised on their website this plan allows FREE UNLIMITED calls to over 70 countries and FREE UNLIMITED calls all over USA. FREE UNLIMITED is in bold on their website. Company also claimed it will provide 30 days money back guarantee. My 30 days expired on November 19th, 2009. However after the 30 days expired on 11/27/09 they sent me an email saying my accounted has exceeded allowed minutes. I was baffled because I didn't understand how I can exceed my allowed minute on an unlimited plan. So I called them and they told me they will allow 500 minutes maximum of international calls and 5000 overall. I was obviously upset but since I am in contract I didn't cancel. They mentioned nothing about my account being suspended at the time. On 12/1/09 my phone stopped working and I got an email saying they suspended my phone account and asked me to call the number provided. On 12/2/09 I finally got a hold of a customer service rep after being on hold for 1 hour and 8 minutes. I am not exadurating.
    At this point the lady told me my account was blocked due to high usage since I used 4 hours and 16 minutes. You ask yourself is that unlimited? She also told me it will take 24 hours for the service to be turned back on. 24 hours went by and nothing.
    I contacted customer service department again and they told me I need to contact Account Management Group. However everytime I try to contact that department it puts me on hold for about 10/15 minutes and then asks that I call them back during regular business hour. Only issue is everytime I do try to call I do so during business hour. Finally today 12/4/09 I got a hold of someone in that department after being on the phone for about 10/11 hours no lie. They told me at this point I have three choices:
    1. Cancel my account.
    2. Hello USA plan 21 bucks a month however no international calling for free.(They noticed I call call the country Bangladesh a lot. So they said with this plan I will have to pay 5 cent per minute for calls to Bangladesh)
    3. Another similar one.
    Seeing that I had no choice I chose option 2. And they told me my phone will not be back on until 12/9/09. So days without phone.

    Here is the reason I didn't cancel...If I cancel my phone number will not be able to be transferred to different career. Now as soon as they activate my phone number again I will switch back to Vonage. And yes I don't care about the 99 bucks they will charge me. I will also cancel my Credit Card. So they can bill me rather than have access to my credit card.

    I figured out their business many of you.

    They suck customers in by claiming it's an unlimited plan. Within the 30 days they will give you no problem since customers can cancel during that time frame. Right after the 30 days they will suspend the account. This way you are stuck with their pay per minute plan which is what they want to begin with. Or if customers cancel their plan they will collect $99 cancellation fee and make about $150 off of the customer. Not bad for a month and a half worth of service. What a well thought out scam. I can't believe they are getting away with this in America. I have filed complaint with Better Business Beareu and FCC. If you have had problems with this company please don't think you can't make a difference. File a complaint!!! We as customers can't fight alone but together we can bring this company down. FCC and BBB can ignore two hundred complaints but if EVERY SINGLE customers who has been ripped off by Lingo complained, FCC and BBB WILL take action. I know it will take 30 minutes of your time away. But is that really much compared to the hours you spent on phone trying to solve this issue with Lingo? Save the trouble for thousands of other new customers who will sign up for Lingo. Please.

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  • Ju
    juner Dec 16, 2009

    I'm having the same issue. All my calls to India were charged under the Lingo World Max plan, I can never get to their customer service, which is worst. I have filed a complaint with BBB.

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  • Li
    Lingo_victim Dec 19, 2009

    Dear Lingo Corporate Executive,

    My total minutes used for over two month by placing call is 1101. My signed up on Lingo to keep in contact with my parents at Bangladesh and my brother at . I only call two numbers and I call when it is day time in Bangladesh because of the time difference I will call at 9 PM EST and in Bangladesh it will be 8 AM. In you advertisement you have mentioned unlimited calls but in your fine print you have hidden the fact that unlimited means 5000 minutes. I have not even used 2000 minutes over two month and today you have unilaterally disconnected my service.

    I cannot call back my gravely sick mother. I am crying as I am writing this email as my mother may pass away. I am suffering from serious pain and mental pressure because you have disconnected my line by racially profiling my calls and have disconnected at a moment when somebodies life/death is at stake. It is dicrimmination because of my national origin. I am giving you this written warning before I formally press charge for violating my civil rights.

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  • Jo
    John Evans Dec 20, 2009

    Lingo_Victim. Do it. These mother ###ers are pure scam artist.

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  • Ka
    kazi Dec 20, 2009

    OMG so many people are having same problem !!! I recently signed up for Lingo world max, and yes I do call Bangladesh very often... trust me guys Lingo ripped me off just like you guys.. cant get hold of customer service, disconnected my phone without any notice, end of the month billed me extras...i am filing complain againt LINGO to BBB..we all need to team up... they are playing some sick tricks... we not gonna let that happen in USA!! please do complain to BBB, they will listen.

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  • Bd
    BdCricfan Dec 21, 2009

    I have signed up with Lingo on 10/25/2009 and I got two high usage emails from Lingo on last month. I have tried to contact Lingo by email to get a definitive response regarding the high usage since they advertised unlimited calls on their site.

    Lingo have disconnected my lines on 12/8/2009 and I have been calling and sending emails ever since then. This is the worst customer service you can imagine and nobody ever answered they account executive/management number that they have given. I have left several voice mails but have not received any call back yet. I was already charged upto 12/24/2009 and the customer service rep cannot do anything about it. I told them that I would dispute any early termination fee if they charage on my credit card.

    I am trying to find out how I can file any complaints with FCC and BBB.


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  • Ms
    msiraj Dec 21, 2009

    Those guys are really scammer, They are playing sick game with us . I have filed complain with FTC.


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  • Jo
    John Evans Dec 25, 2009

    I have previously posted on here before. Just a reminder to everyone...Please file your complaint with Better Business Beauru and FCC.

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  • Jo
    John Wiley Dec 31, 2009

    Lingo is definitely a fraud company. They have ripped me off as well. They are lying to people to sell their service. Besides reporting to the authorites (FTC, FCC, BBB) you should regulary call the new customer sign up number and tell the agents not to sign up more customer to rip them off. We can keep their sales line busy enough to save some 'would be' victims. Let's hit back at Lingo and hit them hard. Our goal is to shut this fraud out.

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  • Pd
    pdesi3 Jan 05, 2010

    Lingo Never Again. Never never never. I want to cancel my service as we are moving out of the country next week. I have called them atleast 100 times. I am going to my lawyer and get advise on what can I do. luckily I am calling them using my Cell phone so I do have all the records. I would also request the refund for all my cell phone minutes that I wasted in calling them for cancellation. If not they are waiting for a big law suit.

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  • Co
    cobys4 Jan 05, 2010

    I have been a Lingo customer since May 23, 2005 (4.5 years since the writing of this post). I have experienced the EXACT SAME set of issues as the original poster, Chris Brown.

    In October of 2009 I started calling the 1-888-546-4699 phone number to cancel my service. Every single time (I have called approximately 8 times since October) the cancellation number puts me on hold for 14 minutes, then says "We're sorry, we are not available to take your call. Please call back during normal business hours. Normal business hours are from M-F 8 AM - 8 PM... etc etc." I called every single time during those hours. So, I followed their direction and started calling back during those hours. Weeks after weeks.. trying to cancel. I even sent one of their billing representatives, Grace Eballa, several e-mails regarding the state of my account. (All e-mails asking to cancell my account) Not a single e-mail was replied to by Grace or any other Lingo representative.

    Now, I am being stuck with bills from October, November and December. (Finally they got the hint and cancelled my service for lack of payment) Lingo says that since people called me and rang my phone.. I have to pay for the service.

    I am now fighting to keep my credit clean since these scammers deliberately refuse to accept your cancellation calls and are threatening to send my info to a collection agency. I am reporting them to the FCC, BBB, FTC. I have all my phone calls logged and all my e-mails to their billing department saved as well.

    Please be aware of Lingo and their dreadful business practices. There are many other VoIP services out there. Steer clear of Lingo and Primus.

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  • Hv
    hvs Jan 05, 2010

    I am also in the same situation. The cancelled my service after 2 months, but keep charging my credit card every month. I transferred the service to vonage. But I am not able to cancel lingo. No body picking up the phone in the customer service. I filed a complaint with FTC and BBB

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  • Sh
    ShirishRevankar Jan 12, 2010

    I am also in the same situation. I have been Lingo user for more than 5 years, since 2003. Yesterday they suspended my phone service for high volume call on my calls to India with my phone plan "Unlimited - Max World Plan" with no prior notification.

    It 's now more than 24hours I dont have phone service at my home. My trust on Lingo is shattered.

    Since is a unfair business practice will be filling case with BBB and FTC.

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  • Mc
    MCIWORLDCOM Jan 24, 2010

    To complain Lingo World Max Unlimited Plan fraud and scam to FCC. Please do not be emotional.

    Be crisp.

    1. What happens when calling their toll free #, pressing option 7.
    2. How their advertisement and fair usage policy fraud and scam they are able to run in on residential customer and how they are able to get away with it.
    3. They send automated email to contact the toll free # and when you call them, what happens.
    4. Their rude behavior.
    5. Blocking you from making International calls, and charge you for the Lingo World Max plan.

    That is it. FCC will contact them and as well you. They will get busted.!input.action?form_page=2000B

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  • Ak
    akaaa Feb 06, 2010

    To cancel your service, don't use option 6. Call customer service and ask them to get you the cancellation person or supervisor or higher up. They certainly don't let you cancel the service, since they make million of dollars of free money. The company is involved in deceptive and fraudulent practice. Please complain FTC and BBB.

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  • Mr
    Mr khan Feb 10, 2010

    It sounds like all of you didn't read the T&C's. It's your fault to.

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  • Ay
    A.Yusuf Mar 21, 2010

    I am having the exact same problem as the original complain by Mr. Chris Brown. I cannot fathom how this company is still in business. I signed up for their service in Dec 09, soon realized they stopped the unlimited internation call service I was interested in. I tried cancelling within the 30 day period. No luck. Phone calls after phone calls and customer service would forward my calls to option 6, and no one would pick up. After three months of trying finally they cancelled my account and now charging me 99 dollars for early termination. I did not even open up their equipment. I need to fight their abuses. I wonder if there is a class action lawsuit going on.

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  • He
    HemD34 Apr 12, 2010

    Service for VOIP was ordered in August '09. It took several calls to properly set up service, but once it was established I was very satisfied. VOIP is intended to replace your costly landline charges and once service was working, we promptly cancelled. We live however in rural Indiana and cancelling the landline also cancelled the dsl service needed to run lingos VOIP properly. We attempted for several months to get a working dsl company in to replace the old one, however were not able to get anyting but satellite which VOIP is inconsistant with. Re-establishing the old landline and dsl would cost a large reinstatement fee and thus cancel out the need for lingo all together. I paid for the upfront fees, the 6 months service fees, although we only used 3-4 minutes of call time and a seventh month regular item fee. When calling to cancel due to circumstances, I was told the 'cancellation fee' which was never told upfront to begin with would be waived due to the circumstances. Today they have implemented the 99.95 cancellation fee against my bank account and the customer service rep, on a first name basis only, MARVIN, #311103 was anything but helpful and all but rude. IF YOU HAVE HAD ISSUES WITH LINGO, HERE IS THEIR FAX NUMBER TO CALL, FILE YOUR COMPLAINT OR THEY WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GOOD PEOPLE.

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  • Ja
    Javed Kazi Apr 21, 2010

    I signed up for Lingo because the sales rep told me that Lingo will provide UNLIMITED calls to my country. The Lingo experience for me ended up as a small nightmare. They never completed the transfer of my existing service number from Vonage to Lingo and Lingo waited for 40 days before they sent me their router. Then, I was told that they actually do NOT offer the 'unlimited' calls anymore.

    I terminated my contract with Vonage in order to take up service with Lingo. I NEVER connected the Lingo Router and immediately processed the return/cancellation of Lingo's GHOST service. However; Lingo ended up charging me for TWO months of service and TERMINATION FEES. I asked the Lingo rep, how can you charge me to 2 months of service and termination fee where LINGO ""CANNOT'' show a SINGLE second of usage by me on their system. The rep could not answer and just said that I have to pay, otherwise they will contact a 'collection' agency. I found out that Lingo is an Indian company and NOT a US one. I WILL pursue this further and see how it ends up.

    If you want to avoid my vengeance, you may want to consider reimbursement and cancelling the ‘collection agency’ path. 718-340-3437 was the number given to me by Lingo that I NEVER used with an Account number is 84141600.

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  • Su
    subhrapan Aug 31, 2010

    i took a lingo unlimit ed connection and tagged it to two nos.
    They said first month was only 4.95 and i verified it with the customer care executive befoe taking the connection.
    I took the connection on 7th Aug and on 31st a sum of 42$ was charged. They charged for two months. Incredulous and they also charged for calling from two phones.

    This is absolutely wrong and talking with the customer care executives did not help.
    They are crap and action should be taken against them.

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  • Kl
    klcarr1 May 28, 2011

    I agree with all the customer no service issues above as I've had similar treatment. Besides the horrible hold time on the cancellation line I've also experienced: 1 - the rep that answers will not take no for an answer. He proceeded to offer all the way to $200 credit to stay with Lingo. Literally would not accept 'no'. 'Sir... please... just cancel my account'. 'I'm sorry you feel this way sir, but would you consider...'. It went on for 15 minutes as they're trained not to accept the cancellation. 2 - They purposely do not display your term on your online account information. Look at the T&C... it states 12 or 24 months. I called before I ported my number away and asked them what I was on and they told me 12 months. I ported my number away and they then told me the month I activated that all customers were on a 24 month plan. Freaking liars (and that I was subject to their $100 cancel fee. 3 - They make you call their cancellation number even after you port your number away and have no service. Yep... they charged me for 2 months that I have absolutely no service. You cannot speak to anyone with authority there to use common sense either. Net/net - Lingo is horrible after the sale... STAY AWAY... let the buyer beware.

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  • Ab
    ABarrett Jun 08, 2011

    Primus Telecom is the owner of Lingo Voip Phone Service. My name, bank information, Mobile line and signature was fraudulently used to open a home phone service account. I spoke to a Deepak in the security department who disguised himself a CCP which I later learned that he is actually the supervisor of that department. I explained the situation to Mr. DEEPAK who was extremely rude, irate and argumentive with me and his conclusion was that this was not a fraudulent account. I had the police investigate the situation where they stated they spoke to whomever in the security department and they claimed that whomever they spoke to stated that I opened the account and I am the account holder. Although the police mentioned to whomever they spoke with that I do not live at the stated address, nor am I the owner of the email address used to open the account could not further investigate and had advised me to call headquarters to speak to someone further or to file a small claims suit. Before I went further with the police's advice I called Lingo's customer service one more time and spoke to a KAREN who advised me that she will make sure that this account be closed and that I will in fact receive a refund of the funds taken out of my account; she will call me to let me know the status. It did not dawn on me until today that Karen could not call me back since she did not have my phone number so I called Lingo back again today and spoke to another CCP which stated that Karen did notate all of what she told me but that who ever investigated in further notated that this was not a fraudulent account. So since I was advised by the police to call headquarters; I did that today where I spoke to an IRINA PETROVA who is the manager of customer care which stated to me that there was nothing that she can do since their security department is of their own company and she cannot override their decision. She has stated to me that she will contact the supervisor in that department to contact me. I asked her who that person was and that is when I learned that the so called CCP in the security department that I spoke to was in fact the supervisor of the department. I have been back and forth with this for a month now...unaware that this account was actually opened long before then and has been withdrawing monies from my account. They finally suspended the account which does not do anything because I will still have to cancel my bank account and get a new one just because this company refuses to investigate further. I have lost a lot of money due to this situation and nothing is being done to resolve it. I hate to have to file a lawsuit for something that could have been resolved with just a push a button but if not further investigated I will be force to. I just want the account closed and to be refunded what ever was taken out of my bank account. I have a home phone number. I cannot use Voip phone because I myself am a Customer Care Professional at home which it is required to have a home phone in order to take calls. I have had this home phone service since 2010 of February. So I don't see how this makes any sense. I just want my name off of this account and my money back. Ms. IRINA PETROVA has stated to me that I can contact whomever whether it be her president's office or the BBB, etc. that this is scam and she handles all of the complaints and all she will do is say that it has been handled. And then hung up on me. I would like for this account to be removed and for the monthly charges plus insufficient fund charges be replaced back into my account. I want my debit card information to be removed.

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  • Sh
    sherryangry Oct 31, 2011

    I am very upset, I had a a plan for $23.99 for my service. The service really sucks so I get the one for my cell phone and I does use that. Now my bill is $285.00 I was so upset. I called Lingo and they told me that they changed my plan and I said why did you changed my plan without my knowing. The customer service representative was very rude and I told her to cancel my service. She told me I will have to pay $99.00. I was with this company since 2009. Please don't use Lingo.

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  • Sh
    sherryangry Oct 31, 2011

    Poor people trying to save money not to be ripped off

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  • Dj
    DJ Iceman Jul 09, 2012

    Lingo is run by the same ### that run Primus. They have the lowest Customer Service in the world and seem to go through CEO's like McDonald's goes through French Fry cooks. Obviously a very devious and decietful group of low lifes.

    I was a customer of Telegroup prior to the Primus takeover and have been beating myself in the head for staying with tthem ever since. I'm well past their 24 months of new crooked Terms and Conditions for screwing me out of another $99.95 so they can simply suck my d*ck and watch me leave!

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  • To
    Tome C Oct 19, 2012

    I have same issue today. They are worst in customer service. And lady over phone said they have lot more customer and they don't care if some one came and go.

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  • Fe
    fellowpacker Dec 05, 2012

    Canceled service and was told to use the return shipping label that they will send. The label arrived four weeks later and we sipped everything back. Now were charged $75 for not shipping the stuff back withing 14 days of cancellation. Unbelievable!!!

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  • Dj
    DJ Iceman Jan 28, 2013

    Notice how NOBODY at Primus cares to chime in and defend themselves nor deny any of the accusations above. These people are total filth.

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  • Jo
    JOSEPH JOBY Feb 06, 2013

    I agree with all other complaints. In short just stay away from LINGO. If someone from lingo read this "PLEASE PLEASE THIS IS NOT THE WAY ANY COMPANY SHOULD BE WORKING IN USA. PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT ALL CUSTOMERS ARE IDIOTS. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

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  • Az
    azarchitect Jul 01, 2013

    Several months back I received a call from Lingo that there was suspicious activity on my account. Long distance calls to Ghana. I sent them an email letting them know that those calls were impossible since at the time of the calls my phone was packed in a moving truck somewhere between Raleigh and Phoenix. They continued to send me emails to the effect that I owed them over $900. In the last email I sent to them I was clear that the issue was one of their security system and not of me making calls to Africa. Now they have turned me over to a collection agency. I'm not sure how to straighten this out but save yourself the trouble and steer clear of this company!!

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  • Wg
    wgourley Mar 06, 2014

    I subscribed to lingo VoIP in good faith, moved my numbers and used their service for about 9 months. Then they out a $10.00 add on on my service for a mobile app that dose not work on a blackberry. I did not order it because it would not work on an older blackberry like mine. I know it wont because I tried it the previous October.They refused to take it of the bill and said they would not because I ordered it. I told them if they did not I would move to another company. The customer service person in another country that spoke very little English said that I should do that if I wanted to because she could not take it off my bill or credit back the fraudulent charges.That was in August and September of 2011 and after 5 phone calls lasting from 1 to 2 hours on hold I moved my numbers to AT&T wireless but Primus/Lingo kept billing my credit card. I had to do Fraud complaints with my credit card and get a fraud block on my card. The card company eventually cancelled my card and issued a new one with new numbers to stop the fraudulent charges.They billed me fraudulently for 8 months after I moved subscribed to AT&T wireless and played hell getting my numbers moved.They owe me money.I would like to here from others at mailto:[email protected].net

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  • Mp
    mpb2 Jul 21, 2015

    I was a Lingo customer for 10 years or more. My bill went from $17 a month to $35 over that time period. In February of 2014, I got an email that someone added a 2nd line to my account. I called them to find out what was going on. They said they closed the 2nd number and shut off "soft phone" service but there was no fraudulent activity on my account. Then at the end of the month I got calls from the fraud dept. telling me about many calls made to Jamaica and Barbados that I didn't make. They told me to change my passcode to one with 6 digits or more. They wouldn't tell me how to do it but that I had to call technical support. When I did, technical support told me that I could only use a 4 digit number. That happened again in the beginning of March, this time calls to Latvia. I again went through tech support to change my passwords. I got email confirmations that "a change to my account was made" each time. I finally canceled my account on 3/10/15. Then on my last invoice from them (or what I thought was the last invoice), they charged me $6400 for calls to Latvia. 24 pages of calls made from unknown numbers. I called and after about 2 hours on the phone, spoke to a supervisor who would only tell me his name was "Tom". Tom assured me that he reversed the charges. (I disputed the charge with American Express anyway. They found in my favor.) I also returned the equipment using their shipping label (but forgot to make a copy of the tracking number). They are still trying to bill me monthly for the service that was canceled in March, they added $75 for the "unreturned" equipment and the amount is now up to $6600. They are threatening to send me to collections. I made complaints to the BBB, the FTC, the FCC, consumer affairs and the VA Attorney General. The only response so far (the complaints are all fairly new) is from the BBB complaint and they say that they are holding me responsible for the charges, even though they are fraudulent, because I was negligent and used "weak passwords". I have googled Primus Lingo and there are so many complaints about fraud and misconduct, that I can't believe they are allowed to be in business. I am so angry that I have to spend so much time fighting this. I do not want it on my credit report though.

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  • Ka
    katski Sep 10, 2015

    I cancelled and sent back their device 7/9/15.
    I saved my TRACKING INFO and I am harassed by them daily. They want to charge me for August. Even though I did not
    have service with them.
    This after a long fight about them charging me 1 year of service for cancelling.
    The rep. lied to me initially saying I would also be able to connect to internet with said device. LIE.
    That is when the back and forth started in June 2015 and I cancelled. THEY say I did NOT cancel.
    They also want to charge me for said device $75.00 that I SENT BACK JULY 9, 20125.
    I get emails every day to this fact. As well as calls EVERY day. EVERY DAY. Sometimes 2 or 3 calls. I do not answer anymore.
    I stopped talking to them due to the fact they refuse to listen and the money for said device was even put back on my card.
    I stated today to simply delete but instead will save.

    LINGO Account Number: 84243133

    Jellie Gaspay
    AttachmentsSep 8 (2 days ago)

    to me

    Your account has been properly closed.

    We would like to remind you of your remaining balance as of September 8, 2015.

    Please check details below:

    Account Number: 84243133
    Past Due Balance: $23.67
    Due Invoice: August

    Please be informed that it is imperative you reply to this email or contact us at 866-899-3009 to settle your account and make final payment. I have attached a credit card/bank authorization form that may also be sent back to authorize your final payment. A completed signed form may be sent either via email or thru to our fax - 703-832-4282.

    Please be advised that the final bill on your account will be the charge for the shipping label - $9.95 plus taxes. However, if the device will not be returned there may still be $75 fee for the (unreturned) Lingo Adaptor.

    Your early settlement of the account is highly appreciated


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