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Lightingnewyork.comThis company stole my money and there is no way to reach them

To be honest Lightingnewyork is probably the worst company I have ever deal with and next time I will definitely read the review before buying anything online. I bought a ceiling fan from this store and did not receive it and lots my money. Their customer service said that they had some difficulties with the delivery and asked me to be more patient, then they just stopped replying. I asked for a refund so many times but I can't do anything about it without their assistance! Lightingnewyork is a very bad company and if you don't believe me then go online and do your own research. I will sue them if I don't get my money back!

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    The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

    • Lighting New York's response · Jan 10, 2017

      Please contact us directly at [protected] with your order information so that we may work to resolve this issue for you.

    • Vc
      Vchau714 Aug 14, 2020

      I can't believe I had to deal with company. Not only did they falsely the shipping time frame, but their reps. have constantly lied about my order. I bought a chandelier from LightingNewYork and at the time, they falsely advertise the shipping time. Since it was late, my girlfriend and I decided to cancel the order since the house was now fully built and we'll deal with a local company. I called to cancel the order and their reps. said she'll send the cancellation request. I checked online and the cancellation was never initiated. I received an email from a sales rep. name Bryan MacPhearson informing that since I'm cancelling my order, he wanted to help me find a replacement. I politely said I was fine, I would prefer a refund. I called back to find out more about my cancellation and when I will receive a refund. The reps. said they couldn't cancel the order, because it was shipped in the morning. I asked for a tracking number and the tracking number clearly shows it was shipped in the evening. This would have given them enough time to cancel the order. They shipped the order, I contacted FedEx and inform them I'm going to reject the package if they attempt delivery. So FedEx said they will return it back to the shipper. When I finally got my refund, I only got back $430.67 out of $1, 092.42. They decided to keep $661.75 of my money. I contacted a rep. (Josh F) and now he's claiming that it was shipped on the 13th. When I called him out on this, he's now saying it was shipped from the Canadian office on the 13th and shipped from the hub on the 17th, which is another lie. As I have tracking information proving that it was shipped from their New York facility on the 17th. Basically I'm being charge $661.75 for items I don't have, for errors that they've made, constant lies about my shipping, and for false advertising of shipping time frame. That's 60% of my money that they decided to keep. I don't want to take legal action, but I will if I have too. All these could have been avoided if they were just straight up about everything.

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    Lightingnewyork.comThey've completely lost my business

    I ordered a lamp from this site and it was way bigger than I expected. When I went to return it I discovered there would be a 25% restocking fee. I literally lifted the shade out of the box half way and slid it back in and they want to charge me 25%?? I tried to contact customer service MANY times and half the time they ignored me. They said that there's nothing they can do about it even though I was completely unaware about this policy when I made my order. This should be clearly stated at CHECKOUT! If they cared about keeping customers, they would have waived this fee for my first time since I was unaware of it. They've completely lost my business.

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      Lightingnewyork.comWhen I ordered they added $99 shipping fee

      This site advertised a chandelier @$812, free shipping, 110% price match guarantee. When I ordered they added $99 shipping fee. I sent e-mail showing a competitor that advertised the chandelier for $812, free shipping. This merchant said they could not offer free shipping; did not honor 110% price match. I canceled my order. They confirmed cancellation. Today, I received UPS shipping confirmation and my credit card account has been charged. Stay away!!!

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        Lightingnewyork.comThey have not honored their guarantee

        Ordered a $620 chandelier from Lighting of New York the end of Sept. When the fixture arrived, about 3 wks later, 1 arm did not light. Was told in Oct that a new chandelier would be sent and that I should return the old light in the new box when it arrived. I was also emailed a shipping lable and was told there were 20 of the chandelier in stock. When I had not received the light by Thanksgiving, I called again and was told that the chandelier was now out of stock. I was then told that packaging would be sent so that I could make the return. It is nearly Christmas and I still do not have the packaging, nor do I have a working chandelier. The Lighting of New York web site is now showing the fixture is again in stock. I have made many, many, many calls to the customer service department at Lighting of New York. There has been absolutely no help or follow thru on their part to get the situation resolved and promised calls are never returned. They have not honored their guarantee. While Lighting of New York does offer good prices, I could never recommend them.

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          Lightingnewyork.comThe items arrive with serious cosmetic defects

          Ordered 2 pendant lights. The items arrive with serious cosmetic defects. These are not physically damaged from shipping. There are serverely warped from the manufacturing process and should have been discarded. Though we ordered 2 exact pendants, they don't look the same at all. When I tried to contact them, I could easily get a sales rep. The sales rep said they could not access the account, only the customer service rep could. Of course, the customer service was unavailable. I sent them an email, I will give them a few days to respond. I checked BBB dot org and they got an F. I will probably file a complaint.

          I usually don't write reviews online, however because this company ships merchandise that is obviously defective, I can only classify them as scams.

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