Lifetouchschool picture package extras never received

My daughter's 1st grade pictures were taken in September of 2019 at her school at Red Bud Run Elementary in Winchester, VA. I indicated that I wanted a package that included extras like a little drawstring backpack, and a book with pictures in it. I paid $42...Forty TWO flipping dollars and we got an envelope with a SINGLE pose of my daughter with a clearly forced smile, and a few different sizes and backgrounds. None of the other things promised in the package were included and I'm pretty upset. I feel like what I received was worth maybe $20-$25 which was one of the budget package deals I was debating on, now in hindsight I wish I'd opted for. I wish I'd known I was throwing money out the window when I chose to get my daughter's school pictures done through Lifetouch. I feel like I'm totally wasting my time even writing this complaint. I'm furious and no doubt Lifetouch couldn't care less!


Oct 07, 2019

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