Lifetouchschool photos

H Oct 08, 2019

2nd year in a row, we preordered and paid for school photos via LifeTouch. 2nd year in a row they somehow 'lost' our order and will have to reprocess them and mail them out in 3-4 weeks!! They have no email address on the website to reach customer service, the Chat function was not available anytime I tried, I called and waited on hold for OVER AN HOUR. Each time I tried the option that would hold my place in line and allow a representative to call me when my turn came up, it kicked me back onto hold and back to the end of the line! I literally had NO options but to sit on hold for an HOUR. When my call was finally answered, I could barely understand the woman's broken english. She kept repeating herself and reading scrips that in no way pertained to my issue. She couldn't find my order despite my reciting half a dozen different identifiers to her, I have no way of knowing if our photos are actually being processed or if we'll ever receive them. Beyond frustrating, I will NEVER order anything from this company ever again.

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