Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club [LHVC]membership promised

A Jul 11, 2019

I was invited to have lunch and see a 5 star resort in another location to plan future vacation, well come to find out that it was a membership business going on together with this especial lunch, I am not going to lie The resort is beautiful and the customer services was fantastic, so I was already impressed, when the time to talk about business was presented everything went smoothly the scenario they presented was wonderful, they told me that it was not a time share that when ever I need a vacation they will have room available that the rate will never change, all this beautiful things that you want to hear when you doing business, well I finally decided in a price and I bought the membership, when I returned home I tried to get in touch with them by E Mails, by phone, I even register myself to be able to book a room, no body has contact me since then, I am so scare that this is a scam and I have been fooled, the different telephone numbers they gave me to call no one answer I called day, afternoon and night, there is not voice mail set up to leave a message, the emails that i sent no one has respond to it, please look into it i have seen the rated and is not looking good.

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