Life Time Fitnessspa, nail technician


Yesterday, 10/19/2017 I made an appointment to come in for hair and nails, was my first time ever getting a pedicure there and I had let the lady know that “ tasha” I was going back and fourth from my nails to my hair being on a time crunch & as I was in the middle of getting my pedicure tasha asked a hair stylist to come in ans take a video of her scrubbing my feet.. The lady looked confused and said no tasha told her to again so she did. I felt extremely uncomfortable and frustrated she didn’t asked me for my primission to even tape me in the first place. As I was finishing up my hair afterwards my boyfriend came up to the front desk to pay and tasha told him to watch the video of her scrubbing dead skin off my feet.. He told me this after I left.. I was extremely embarrassed and I will not be back.

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