I placed an order on for 2 fitted caps for my husband on Dec 3, 2012. I did not create an account at the time so I was unable to track the status of my order. I waited a week to call to find out the status. So here it is on Dec 10, 2012 and I called Lids thinking they were going to tell me my order was shipped and should be arriving soon. A customer service rep tells me my order was deleted on Dec 4th! Huh?? What? Talking about it didn't pass a 3rd verification check. He said the order goes through a serious of verification checks and for the 3rd and final one the order failed. Mind you the $60 for the order was taken out of my bank account. So taking the money out of my account passed, right?!?! I was not contacted at all about my order being deleted. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he was NO HELP! I had my order being shipped to my private UPS box because "Hello?!?!" it is holiday season and I want to ensure I don't miss any package deliveries. The supervisor asks me how long did I have my UPS box.. I told him almost a year now. He said maybe because it is a new box the previous owner was dishonest with Lids? Are you friggin serious?! I told him if my shipping address was a problem, why not contact me and tell me it needs to be shipped to my home address which is the same as my billing address? He told me that he is just speculating as to the reason the order didn't pass verification. It can be a number of things. He then said when an order is deleted an email goes out and asked if I checked my spam folder. Ummmmm... I got NO EMAIL about an order being deleted! I am so irritated and I just want my money back in my account! This is the most tackiest and unprofessional way to do business. Just give me my $60 back and Lids don't EVER gotta worry about me doing business with them again!!! Just tacky!! I have never. My order failed but taking that money out of my bank account sure passed!! Waited a friggin week to be told this nonsense. Unbelievable!!

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