Lewis Storesbridge of verbal agreement on account


A Lewis sales man phoned me and informed me that I had credit available and I should come and buy. I told him that at that moment I was not in a financial position of paying an installment, so I could not buy at that moment, he persuaded me, but I told him I could only start paying on the 15th May 2009, he told me that is not a problem, that will be arranged for May month as the products were on sale at that point. The contract said installment is due 1st April and he said they will change it on the system and therefore I should not worry about what the contract says and he assured me. I signed the contract on 23 Feb 2009 for a sleeping couch and a washing machine for an installment of R530, 00 per month.
During April around the 20, I went to remind him of the agreement and he said he had forgot to fix the payment date on the system, so we talked to his manager, who mentioned that I cannot expect to pay 2 months later and I explained to him that I did not invite myself, they phoned me and I told them my condition before I agreed to buy and he said the problem will be fixed when I pay my first installment. So my account was in arrears with the first month (April) and when I paid my 2nd installment it was now in arrears with R1032, 00 not R530 of 1 month anymore. The problem has still not been fixed and my account is accumulating arrears for their negligence and after promising me to rectify the problem.

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