Letgowas sold counterfeit dvds


Responded to an ad for DVDs, the seller took a while to respond, when he did we made arrangements to meet, I sent my husband . When my husband got home, we found out when we opened the cases that they were burned disks, which I would have never bought if I would have known. To make matters worse, when I contacted him, he told me he sells nothing but counterfeit movies, then he tells me he doesn't give refunds, he just exchanges movies, and to make matters worse, they didn't play at all on our system. I told him that I wanted a refund and he tried to talk me out of it, we went back and forth and then finally he told me that I would have to wait 4 days in order to get a refund because he didn't get paid until that Friday, I reluctantly agreed. Today is Friday, and, because he was acting so strange and sketchy, and he refused to meet me in the morning or afternoon he insisted it be late, I ended up sending my husband again, to meet up with him . My husband arrives at 10, I sent a message to him, letting him know my husband was there and this guy has the nerve to tell me he's not even home and he wouldn't be for another hour to another hour and a half! I was upset, my husband was upset too. My husband ended up waiting there for this guy, he showed up 45 minutes later, went into his house and grabbed a laptop, and tried to make the movies play, telling my husband that he didn't want to give a refund, once he seen that they didn't play, he did give my husband a refund, but he shorted him, saying that he only had five bucks. Now mind you, remember he said I had to wait for 4 days, because he got paid on Friday and he wanted to meet me after he cashed his check. So, I lost out, on time and money, this guy goes by the name of Jr. out of Santa Ana, and he's a real piece of work. The listing that I saw has a group of movies lined up next to each other, movies like Resident Evil, Kung Fu Panda, XXX, Jack Reacher, Etc. This is the first time I have ever had a bad experience on letgo, not only am I a buyer but I'm a seller too. People like this make selling sites like letgo earn a bad name. Very dissatisfied and disappointed.

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