Letgonot able to send any messages

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I am not able to send messages for some reason and all my messages are also deleted. I am picking up a couple things today and now I can't verify with them that I'm coming or get their address. Is there something wrong with the site?
I don't know if it's something has been done to just my account or if it is the whole site that it having issues.
Could you please advise asap as I have to pick some stuff up today and need to contact them. If it is because of the shirt I posted I can remove it. I can't see anything I'm selling as well. Other then that shirt


  • Mi
    Mike Mowers Sep 09, 2018

    Online now there is no place at the bottom to reply to a chat except the pretyped in red. Was there no gone.

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  • Ra
    Raymond Glover Sep 19, 2018

    Same here.

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  • Br
    Brittany Loura Sep 19, 2018

    Can't send message to a potential buyer. Says message not sent????

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  • Cw
    CW#18 Sep 20, 2019

    @Brittany Loura Same issue!!! Will not allow to respond to buyers.
    Does not show chat and it just keep circling will not show any chats to respond!!

    Please FIX ISSUE!!!

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  • Ge
    Georgie1971 Oct 01, 2018

    Same issue! Won't allow me to reply to a potential buyer. What is going on? Isn't this app supposed to help people sell?!

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  • Ch
    Charles Hoover Oct 24, 2018

    Message not sent, I am losing out on a 300.00 sale how can this be fixed

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  • Fl
    FluffyRanger Oct 26, 2018

    @Charles Hoover Same here. I'm losing out on a $1300 sale.

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  • Fe
    Fendy Gold Nov 09, 2018

    I'm heading back to Kijiji. Letgo's chat feature here is not ready. I reported someone because I thought they did not honor the meetup unbeknownst time that my messages weren't delivered. It's a shame. I really believed in this bad even spent lots of money per week on the "feature for days" feature.

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  • Ca
    carmela castaldo Nov 26, 2018

    The reply button does nothing. Letgo said I had an interested party. How do I reply???????

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  • Ca
    carmela castaldo Nov 26, 2018

    The reply button does nothing. I got a request from a buyer and there is no way for me to reply. How do I reply??????

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  • Mr
    mr t Feb 02, 2019

    i cant send a message it says message not sent im missing out on a 3500.00 sale because of this whats wrong with letgo

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  • Ra
    Randy Blacketer Apr 13, 2019

    And no response from Letgo? I won’t be using this site.

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  • Ve
    VerxTex Wreckxx Aug 23, 2019

    This is so annyoing cant sell my stuff

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  • Ve
    VerxTex Wreckxx Aug 23, 2019

    I call bs on this app

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  • Jo
    Joyner Sep 21, 2019

    Same issue here doesn't show chat here and can't post for sales... So sucks here !

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  • Sa
    Sallie Lewis Mar 18, 2020

    Same issue I cant respond to any messages

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