Letgoapartment rental

S Jul 27, 2019

On 7/1/19 I responded to [email protected] to see a 2br apt. in Lynwood Ill. I old her that I was a middle aged woman living in Glenwood IL and the apt. sounded like a good fit. Getting the application was like pulling teeth. Anyhow, you can review the chats and see where it went wrong. She sent me to a F AKE unit located in Calumet City that was clearly occupied. She gave me a FAKE CODE which was not needed as one could just walk in and when I confronted her and called her a SCAM via text, she blocked me as if I was the problem and clearly she is taking monies with no real unit available. She uses Chicago Heights?????????? has this been confirmed. When I texted her while at the FAKE unit, she placed the original unit as having been sold and blocked me from the site. She is an imposter and your site makes it challenging to seek justice in a case like this. I look to you to A, review the chat(s), B assist me in getting my money back and C pay to protect my identity and credit info provided on the application. I honestly think she is a fraud and if rpm realty is real, she is committing a crime. I shall contact the police and expect you to remove all rpmrealty ads from your site. I LOOK FOWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.

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