Len the Plumbershoddy plumbing work

O Jan 10, 2020

My name is Obumneme Egwuatu and we reside at [protected] Street, NW, DC [protected] .

We are having issues with work done by Len the Plumber technician since October 2018. We have had to pay another plumber to come in and fix some the mistakes made by Len the Plumber. At first we were using our plumber to fix some of the use because we thought it will be one or two problems. Once it started piling up we have had to call Len the Plumber technicians to fix the mistakes. The technicians can attest to the mistakes made previously by the previous workers. A lot of the mistakes would have been resolved if the plumbing work would have been properly pressure tested. There have been:

1) Delay in completing the plumbing: Which ended up costing us money and time.
2) Delay resulted in mold build up.
3) Shoddy work by the former Plumber Jim: He made a lot of mistakes and there were suspicious circumstances when he was working on our project. The shoddy work led to Pat (other Len the plumber technician) having to totally redo most of the work he has done.
4) Leaks in several parts of the house.
5) The most serious issue Sewage backup which messed up our basement. We found out that the water is not draining from one of the pipes that was installed by Len t technician in the basement. It appears from the video that at the junction where the new pipe is attached to the old pipe, is where the problem is. The video will show one of the pipes that then leads to the main line; which is clear. Then they go to the pipe where we had the back-up and 11 ft from that pipe is where we have the problem and the water is not draining. You will see all of this very clearly in the video. I am happy to have someone look at the video and provide a copy since I do not have a program on my computer to export or upload this video format. At this point, we are probably days away from having another back-up if this is not remedied.
6) The plumber Jim (Len the Plumber employee/contractor) also entered our house with no authorization. There was no reason for him to be there and his actions triggered our alarm. This resulted in the police having to come.

We moved into our house 2 months ago and every time something needs to be fixed, it has meant breaking the drywall, maybe even the wooden floor and also sewage back up into our house (which destroyed our basement). This is also not healthy because we have Five year old twins and a 4 month old baby.

We have reached out to Len the Plumber managers Cheryl Sade and Brad Davis. Even though we have a 5 year warranty they have refused to send someone to watch the video or send a video team to view the issues we pointed out. We paid an independent technician $600 to do this video.

It is really disappointing that Len the Plumber is denying liability and offering lame excuses. We paid top dollar for Len the Plumber to complete the plumbing for our house and deserve better than this.

Len the Plumber is supposed to be a respectable company but we have really been disappointed in how our project was handled.

We want to resolve this matter amicably and will like for a Len the Plumber technician to come over and look through (the whole plumbing)/test and fix all the mistakes. This will ensure that we do not encounter continuous issues in the future. Also, we will want Len the Plumber to reimburse all the money we have spent fixing some of the problems and for pain/suffering. This has been a breach of expressed and implied contractual terms.

We look forward and anticipate to you having Len the Plumber resolve this matter, .


Obumneme Egwuatu, Esq.
Tel # [protected]
Email: [protected]

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